Judith Rakers: Moderator is happy with her new start

Judith Rakers: Moderator is happy with her new start

For Judith Rakers, the new start with her home farming projects “worked totally,” the presenter said at an event.

After almost two decades, Judith Rakers (48) said goodbye to the “Tagesschau” at the end of January and started a new life in the countryside. Apparently the right decision

On the sidelines of the “WoMen On Top” event in Düsseldorf, Rakers reported that her new beginning had “totally worked out”, “as far as happiness in life and also my professional home are concerned”. Rakers had announced that she wanted to devote herself to various home farming projects after her “Tagesschau” career.

Rakers: “There were setbacks”

Not everything worked out right from the start, as she admits: “There were setbacks, not everything always worked out, but now I have a self-sufficient garden with over 70 to 80 types of vegetables and fruit, a great online shop, a magazine Books all work very well.”

Rakers got the courage for all the new projects from her father, who raised her alone, as she also reveals: “My father always taught me to do things and to be courageous, to tackle them, even if you might not can’t yet.”

Source: Stern

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