They present “Folds of Labyrinths”, a retrospective of the visual artist Marcelo Cofone

They present “Folds of Labyrinths”, a retrospective of the visual artist Marcelo Cofone

References of your work

It proposes us, immerses us in a contemporary mapping of existence. From his early works in the ’90s during his stay in New York City, we find a direct image that looks into the eyes, the figures aim to question his presence. The spaces were always protagonists moving together with a detailed, provocative, subtly poetic figuration. His work extends to the installation format and as a performer he makes several videos. This experience marks him intimately.

The works made in Barcelona would arrive where he found one of his youthful passions in fabrics: architecture that floods space, the monumentality of classical constructions, traveling in perspectives that battle with space, penetrate it, overwhelm it. The human presence is barely perceptible. TOHere the artist speaks of the habitat as a sustained invader and of a new imprint of material charge with the traces of its presence. Which encourages us to think that he feels a strong influence from the caves and rock techniques that he places on supports with brief hints of color.

Upon his return to Buenos Aires, the works mutate into unstable, gestural and fascinatingly wandering scenes, forming a new existence within his work that, at the same time, challenges and moves us, challenges and hypnotizes us. All of this occurs due to the impossibility of avoiding the vast layers of underlying darkness, the ethereal shadows diluted under its walking lines.


For Marcelo Cofone The human species lives only in sudden spaces of contemplation and uncertain bliss, which constitutes a recurring theme, reflected in various states of loneliness or unfortunate encounters. Superimposed and sometimes surprisingly accumulated scenes appear and leave their mark in leafy or rough spaces. While certain wobbles seem to defy the laws of gravity, other spaces do their thing over time. The work reveals the imperceptible interstices of the historical story of the status-quo, through the presence of wandering refugees, melancholic travelers and entities searching for their identity.

The pictorial maneuvers only aim to make people uncomfortable, provoke uncertainty, and question arguments tied to flimsy justifications. pictorial elements, apparently incongruent with each othermanage to generate concerns and dialogue even between the different works, showing the less clear side of contemporary existence in multiple areas of the world.

The latest works of Marcelo Cofone They are made up of a journey of timeless, unstable scenes, of gestural poetics and confrontation with the environment. With a drawing of notable admiration for the classics and a messily fascinating palette, the dimension of his work and the variety of media that tell, shout, ask and move, describe to us an artist who chooses to be part of his own work.

The influence on the artist

His work has been influenced by the existentialist literature of Kafkathe time and space of Borgesthe versatility of Robert Rauschenbergthe gestures of Egon Schiele and the forcefulness of Carlos Alonso. Artists like Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Diego Velázquez, Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco de Goya, Anselm Kiefer and Antonio Berni, among others, are references for constant consultation. Clearly its conceptual and content basis refers to recognizing the direct relationship between the artist and his experiences that exist through his memory.

Who is Marcelo Cofone?

Born in Buenos Aires, in 1959. He is a visual artist, senior professor of Fine Arts, graphic designer and set designer. Since 1986 he has held exhibitions in the country and abroad. Among other places, he presented his works at CC Recoleta, Fundación Banco Boston, Bienal de Arte Jóven, Galeria Lafayette, Uruguay. Art Museum, Pergamino, Sívori Museum, Ushuaia Biennial. Art Biennal Busan, Korea.

In 1992 it was established in NY. He shows his works at City Hall West NY, The State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca; Tribeca Performing Art Center, J. Burgos Cultural Center, Agora Gallery, Artexpo ’94 and QCC Art Gallery.

Upon his return to Buenos Aires In 2000 he co-founded the Association of Visual Artists of the Argentine Republic. He participates as a jury in art competitions and becomes curator of the Metropolitan Museum.

In 2008 it was established in Barcelona and there he worked as director of La Carbonera art space. In addition, he exhibits at Galerie, Orlandai Galerie, Space Born in a Windows, Carrer dels Artistes and Wandergalerie (Bacelona / Berlin).

On his second return to Buenos Aires In 2010 he participated in exhibitions at Galería Zero, Punta del Este; Palais de Glace, Bend the Wind Gallery; Borges Cultural Center; Horoldo Conti Cultural Center; UNLAM Gallery; CSV CC, NYC; FADU/UBA Space; JVS Project Space gallery NYC and at the Argentine Consulate in New York.

Throughout his career, he received distinctions at The State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca USA (jury prize), Museo de Arte, Pergamino, Buenos Aires (silver medal), Art Biennal Busan, Korea (Representative of Argentina). Additionally, she received an International Artist in Residence grant in New York.

His works were added to public and private collections in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy and Korea.

Where to see the works of Marcelo Cofone

Art exhibition and multidisciplinary event

Activities: Visual arts, performance, action painting and live music

Artist: Marcelo Cofone

Exhibition title: “Labyrinth folds”

Work period: 1994-2024 New York-Barcelona-Buenos Aires

Opening: Friday, April 19 from 7 to 11 p.m.

Closing: May 31, 2024

Hours: Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Place: Enó Arte Space

Fernando Fader 3476 (Uruguay corner) Victoria, La Horqueta. Pcia Bs As

Info: @ensoespacio – +54 911 2189 6707 – [email protected]

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