A pop-up of art and party in the streets of Brooklyn: what the collab between Presidente Bar, Polenta and the muralist Martín Ron is like

A pop-up of art and party in the streets of Brooklyn: what the collab between Presidente Bar, Polenta and the muralist Martín Ron is like

Currently, collaborations between brands are a trend around the world, and Argentine talent has a lot to offer, both in our country and abroad.

Thus, in the bustling cosmopolitan environment of the Big Apple, a collab emerged between three Argentines who decided to contribute an original proposal.

Within the framework of the Lower East Side, the award-winning Presidente Bar, known for its elegance and exclusivity, met the Polenta Party, the host of the most fun parties and in full international expansion, and the emblematic muralist Martin Ron, who competed with two of his murals for the 50 best street works from around the world.

This unexpected meeting, which will take place from April 24 to 27, and which arose almost by chance, according to the protagonists themselves, became the epicenter of an artistic and commercial expression in New York. “Back in January we were called by Peter Drinan and his great team. We loved the proposal so we immediately got to work. Its Rooftop Bar, called Unlisted, is located on the terrace of the luxurious and beautiful Untitled hotel.”, account Sebas García, Founder and Creative Director of Presidente Bar.

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In the elegant enclave of the Unlisted hotel, Presidente and Ron merged in a pop-up, while Polenta burst with his distinctive style onto the streets of Brooklyn, marking his territory in the Big Apple. Regarding how the proposal came about, Martín Canosa, President’s Marketing and Communication Manager, assures: “With Martin Ron we have been working for several months on another project and in that context and almost as a kick off of what is to come, it seemed appropriate to start generating synergy and visibility from now on. And with Polenta it was beautiful. When we found out that we were going to coincide that same weekend there, in New York, a call was enough for the collaboration to be proposed and for everything to flow. The goal was always to do something nice, that entertains us and that raises awareness. Then there is the “hard” or “technical” benefit of what it means to do a collaboration or a co-branding action in the sense of diversifying and multiplying audiences, but really that was always in the background.”

In a time of complexity and challenges, given the current Argentine context, these three creative synergies came together with a clear purpose: to spread positivity and inspiration through their art. “The pop-up is about bringing the energy, cocktails and characteristic style of our bar to New York. The soul of the bar will be partying for 4 days in this beloved city. We have developed a cocktail menu to show what the current trends are in our country. We feel this experience as a challenge but the work we have done during these last few months will be something to talk about. We are excited and grateful for this opportunity,” highlights Seba García.

Nacho Elizalde, founder of Polenta, reflects what led them to join: “The beauty of collabs between Argentine brands around the world is what that implies in terms of expansion. Both in the case of Polenta and that of President, although we are very different, there is a total predisposition to address the detail, nothing is left to chance, and everything is curated and thought out. That unites us and makes this collaboration flow wonderfully.”

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Elizalde, who this year will take Polenta twice a month to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and once abroad, in addition to continuing to cover cities in the interior, maintains that there are spaces in Argentina where collaboration scenarios between brands can be generated: “We recently set up a meeting with the heads of the most important festivals in Argentina to raise a series of problems, help us and try to improve and give light to the night. We find it very important to generate these spaces, generate dialogue and merge creativity.”

“In our country we feel that there is more and more interest in what our colleagues do. In the last events in which we have participated they have shown us that. Argentina is always on the move and for many respected colleagues in the world we are the most creative. Because? Because with the minimum resource, we investigate it, squeeze it and optimize it, achieving wonderful results,” considered the founder of Presidente.

For his part, the great Argentine muralist Martín Ron, world exponent of urban art, believes that in our country “there are many spaces” to generate synergies. “Whether it is the association of artists in a studio or a firm, the diversity of cultural spaces, festivals or events. This process has helped expand the limits of each activity and allows us, artists, brands, agencies and other actors, to find ourselves in new places, always willing to innovate.”

The proposal came to the artist from the President, with whom he is working on other projects, “several months ago,” and there they will have the pleasure of previewing what is to come. “In the art world, especially in street art, collaborations are something that has been around for a while, but they have exploded recently. As an artist, you always need the collaboration of others to be able to materialize your work: there is a lot of camaraderie, whether because you need others to be able to paint in the street or to support you creatively. I believe that collaboration gives us enormous benefits and recently brands have opened their arms to muralism, where a relationship is born and the benefit is reciprocal: brands reach people in a more authentic way and our universe as artists grows.”

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Taking local gastronomy abroad is not always easy, but García tells how the call was generated: “Gastronomy is not only fed by its local audience but also by how the world moves. Sharing work and passion is what represents us most in recent years. Being welcome anywhere in the world is something that gives us feedback.” And he adds: “Knowing that we can take our culture and soak up another is an extraordinary feeling.”

Finally, Maru Frohmann, also founder of Polenta, reflects what they feel about the collab: It’s incredible that three brands/artists cross paths on the same weekend. But although it is a coincidence, I think it has a lot to do with the moment that Argentina has been going through for a long time with our culture, which is expansive and increasingly better received around the world. Being able to grow together is much more beautiful, not to mention with an artist like Martin and a brand as President.”

The meeting of President, Polenta and Ron is more than just an act of collaboration: it is a tribute to shared creativity and a reminder that, even in difficult times, collaboration can result in something truly unique.

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