It’s about 10 million euros: David Beckham drags Mark Wahlberg to court

It’s about 10 million euros: David Beckham drags Mark Wahlberg to court

A deal between David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg ends up in court. The ex-footballer claims he was scammed out of £8.5m.

Are two celebrity heavyweights about to face off in court? Such a face-to-face showdown seems extremely unlikely; ex-professional footballer David Beckham (48) is suing Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg (52). The legal dispute concerns a deal with a fitness brand that allegedly caused Beckham a loss of 8.5 million British pounds (the equivalent of almost 10 million euros). Of course he doesn’t want to let that happen.

Beckham’s company, DB Ventures Ltd., alleges that Wahlberg’s company, Mark Wahlberg Investment Group (MWIG), “defrauded” Beckham in connection with Beckham’s involvement in the F45 training program. The founders of F45 and their company are also being sued by Beckham. But what exactly is it about? Beckham originally agreed to join F45 as an ambassador, according to The Sun. After moving to Los Angeles in 2007, he and Wahlberg initially became good friends. Both would also live in the immediate vicinity in the Beverly Hills district.

David Beckham wanted to sue together with golf legend Greg Norman

After an agreement was reached, Beckham was promised blocks of shares for the joint fitness deal, but these were not initially transferred to him. As a result, the share prices plummeted, which is why Beckham theoretically lost out on a value of 8.5 million pounds. According to the lawsuit, this delayed transfer was intentional. However, Wahlberg and his co-defendants counter that the allegations are untenable and that there was no “fraudulent behavior.” Therefore, the lawsuit is unfounded and should be dismissed by the judge.

Beckham blames everyone else for the loss but himself, says Wahlberg’s legal team. In addition, the 209-page statement of claim only wants to make up for in length what it lacks in content. David Beckham originally wanted to sue Wahlberg and F45 together with golf legend Greg Norman (69), who allegedly had a similar experience. However, this was denied to both of them. A judge ruled that the lawsuits must be filed separately.

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