Tori Spelling: Series star peed in baby diaper

Tori Spelling: Series star peed in baby diaper

Ex-Beverly Hills star Tori Spelling reports on a very special adventure that once happened to her during a traffic jam.

Back in 2016, actress Tori Spelling (50), known from the cult series “Beverly Hills, 902010”, shared juicy details about her strange peeing habits on a talk show hosted by Khloé Kardashian (39). At that time, the mother of five revealed that when she was drunk, she transformed into another woman named “Terri,” who then didn’t really care where she emptied her bladder. “She’s totally crazy,” says Spelling, “and likes to pee everywhere. She pees under the table and in potted plants.”

Urination on Highway 101

Now, in her story yesterday, April 19th, she delivered another bizarre story that also goes below the belt in a humid and cheerful way. There she shared the following anecdote: “I was stuck on the 101, which is our craziest highway here, and I thought, ‘I can’t make it home’.” After a brief moment of panic, she found a very pragmatic solution to her pee problem: “So I literally reached into my Tori Poppins bag and thought, ‘Please God, anything,’ and I dug around in it and thought : ‘Aha! A diaper'”.

Baby Beau’s diaper as a savior in an emergency

As the actress explained, this diaper was actually intended for her son Beau (7), who was still small at the time. “I literally put on a diaper and peed my pants in Beau’s diaper,” Spelling continued. She concluded her report with the words: “This is really very practical, people!”

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