Prestigious company from the United Kingdom is looking for Argentine professionals: remote employment and pay in dollars

Prestigious company from the United Kingdom is looking for Argentine professionals: remote employment and pay in dollars

An unmissable opportunity is the one offered by an important foreign company. If you are looking for a job, find out the details of the offer.

The world of work is undergoing a transformation towards remote employmentthe UK company, Circuit, It lends itself to this modality by offering a tempting job opportunity. If you are Argentine and you are looking to get work abroadwithout the need to leave your home, and with a remuneration in dollars, this is your opportunity.

Conditions such as full time, flexible hours and a salary that can reach $10,000the British company is looking for candidates to work remotely in a specific position.

Remote and dollar employment: what is the vacancy in the UK company

Circuit is looking for candidates for the position of Technical Support Engineer. The firm is looking for the ideal candidate who can perform a task that is of vital importance to it.

This role will play a crucial role in the company, helping resolve a variety of technical errors, providing guidance to clients on API implementation, and leading a team over the long term.

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Remote and dollar employment: requirements to apply for the vacancy

The requirements to apply are demanding. These include having experience in similar positions, with knowledge of software engineering and technical support (handling of JavaScript frontend, NextJs, react, TypeScript and TypeScript Backend), as well as exceptional communication skills in English.

Remote and dollar employment: how to apply

Those interested can apply through the link provided on WeRemote website: https://www.weremoto.com/job-posts/id-senior-technical-support-engineer—remote-circuitTypeScript.

After pressing the button “apply”you can find more details about the position and follow the steps to complete the application.

If you are Argentine and are looking for a remote job, with remuneration in dollars, this offer represents a unique opportunity for you who are a professional looking for a challenging opportunity abroad, like in the United Kingdom, challenging, well-paid and with the flexibility that This position provides.

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