Netflix: the series about a family drama that has 20-minute chapters

Netflix: the series about a family drama that has 20-minute chapters

If you are looking for a series that does not take a lot of your time and at the same time is not a light sitcom, this is the one for you.


Who doesn’t like to end the day first seeing a series? But most have the problem that they arrive tired at night and can rarely finish watching an episode without falling asleep.

Most series usually have an extension of several seasons and episodes whose length can reach almost an hour, in some cases. And many times the options short 20 minute chapters They are usually reserved only for sitcoms.

However, within the catalog of Netflix There is a dramatic miniseries, of Finnish origin, with 10 chapters, which do not exceed 20 minutes each. Is about Dance Brothersa true hidden gem.

What Dance Brothers, a Netflix series, is about

This series focuses on two brothers with aspirations of becoming dancers, who decide to undertake the opening of their own club. However, his passion for art soon conflicts with the demands of the business, creating tensions that affect their brotherly relationship.

Throughout the episodes, as the choreography and music, the brothers go through various stages facing the challenges of managing their club. Finally, an opportunity comes your way.

Roni and Sakari, the protagonist brothers, found a dance club that quickly gains popularity. However, artistic ambitions and personal relationships are confronted by commercial demands, putting at risk the strong bond that unites them as brothers.

Trailer for Dance Brothers, Netflix series

Embed – Dance Brothers | Official Teaser | Netflix

Cast of Dance Brothers, Netflix series

The miniseries directed by Taito Kawatahas the following actors

  • Roderick Kabanga
  • Samuel Kujala
  • Jeanine Muyima
  • Crystal Snow
  • Lauri Lohi
  • Fanni Noroila
  • Meri Nenonen
  • Eeva Eloranta

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