Taylor Swift sends subtle song message to Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift sends subtle song message to Travis Kelce

Since Friday, Taylor Swift’s fans have been speculating wildly: Who is the singer dragging through the mud on her new album “The Tortured Poets Department”? And who does it honor? She now gave an unmistakable hint with a new video.

When Taylor Swift releases a new album, there’s always a kind of Easter egg hunt online. The musician is known for processing old relationships and new love affairs in her songs. “The Tortured Poets Department” is no exception. Among other things, she sings about her failed relationship with the British actor Joe Alwyn, but also her short liaison with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy. And of course Swift’s current partner, football star Travis Kelce, also appears on the album.

Taylor Swift sends subtle message to Travis Kelce

It is likely that the piece “So High School” describes their turbulent relationship. The song is about teenage feelings, first love and butterflies in your stomach. That must be Swift’s Kelce song, that’s the Swifties’ direct assumption. And they might be right. Because Swift has published a video on YouTube with the lyrics to “So High School”. If you look closely, you can see a subtle message after about 40 seconds that could confirm the fan theories.

“Cheeks pink in the twinkling lights/ Tell me ’bout the first time you saw me,” is what the film image says. But four letters stand out from the others: both the T and K (for Travis Kelce) in “Twinkling” and the T and S (for Taylor Swift) in “Lights” are written in pink, the other letters are all white. Taylor Swift is a complete professional; no step in her songwriting or video production happens by chance.

The coloring of the letters also matches the song. After all, it’s about falling in love for the first time in high school. What better way to do this than to mark your crush’s initials? As I said: Taylor Swift knows exactly what she’s doing. In the comments under the YouTube video, the Swifties react enthusiastically. “Thank you Travis Kelce for inspiring Taylor to write a song like this,” said one fan. “The letters T and S and T and K are a different color, all K’s are in capitals. Taylor Swift, you are in love,” commented another.

Swift and Kelce have been dating since the middle of last year after he revealed in several interviews that he was interested in her.

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