Opportunity to emigrate: the beautiful European country that receives Argentines without a community passport

Opportunity to emigrate: the beautiful European country that receives Argentines without a community passport

Malta is one of the most popular destinations in the European Union due to the facilities it offers for staying and searching for a job of up to 4 thousand euros.

malt became one of the destinations most chosen by young people to emigrate within the European Union. Many Argentines choose this Mediterranean country because does not require a tourist visa and because it offers salaries in euros and some of the best beaches on the old continent.

More and more people are seeking to emigrate to another region of the world to seek a better economic situation. A study by the Colsecor Foundation revealed that more than 51% of Argentines who participated in their surveys think or thought and leave the country. Although Malta offers many facilities for your stay, Italy and Spain are the countries most chosen by our compatriots to emigrate. This popularity is due to the benefits to the descendants of its citizens and having a culture similar to ours.

How to immigrate to Malta from Argentina in 2024

Each country has a migration policy with different accessibility. In this sense, Malta offers different lengths of stay according to the documents presented by their visitors.

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Tourist visa

From the government of the Mediterranean country it was reported that The tourist visa is not necessary. Without it, you can stay in your nation for a period of 90 days.

study visa

The documentation allows residence for one year in Malta. This documentation can be requested in your country.

Work visa

This type of visa can be obtained either in the country or from a distance, but you must have a job offer prior to its implementation. In addition, the process is initiated by the employer. This documentation allows full employment and residence in the country.

Immigrate to Malta 2024: requirements

  • Passport up to date
  • Process one of the aforementioned visas, if you want to stay more than 90 days
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of financial resources for your stay
  • Accommodation certificate for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Proof of registration in the case of accessing a study visa

Malta minimum wage in 2024

According to the latest census of the European country, the unemployment rate for July 2023 was 2.6 for men and 2.4 for women. Those who do not have a professional degree may start in low-skilled jobs for a salary of 900 euros a month. While those who have a job like electricians or bricklayers, will enjoy a minimum salary of 1,500 euros.

On the other hand, those who have university studies will have access to salaries of up to 4,000 euros per month. Some of the most sought after and valued professions are engineers, architects and doctors.

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