Getaway: the beautiful hidden town of Entre Ríos that makes you fall in love with its beaches

Getaway: the beautiful hidden town of Entre Ríos that makes you fall in love with its beaches

Argentina It’s one of the most versatile destinations in the world, since it has all the reliefs, climates, landscapes and even a wide variety of activities to practice, both in the summer and winter seasons. However, when we talk about beaches, we unfairly tend to think of those found in the Atlantic Sea.

But the truth is that along the thousands of rivers that cross the country there are a large number of spas that have nothing to envy. Especially in the province of Entre Ríosspecifically in the Paranathere is one that is simply beautiful and quiet for a getaway: Brugo Town.

What to do in Pueblo Brugo, Entre Ríos

Brugo Town is imposed to enjoy the water sports and direct contact with nature. One of the most chosen options is sport fishing on the majestic Paraná River that borders said destination. The tourist will be able to choose between practicing this activity from the established areas along the coast or another option is to rent a small boat to enter the waters.

The fisherman can also choose to hire local guides who lead to the places where there is the best bite. Likewise, given the admirable tranquility of the environment, those interested in this action will have the possibility of obtaining good catches of species such as shad; paties; mandubíes; surubíes; mojarras; stripes, among others that give shape to this tempting proposal.


Entre Ríos Tourism

On the other hand, the campsites They are presented as a different option for those who prefer to connect with local nature. Here you can find all the necessary services for a complete stay such as a grill; volleyball court; camping area; and large parks for recreation. Added to this is the possibility of delighting in the flavors and aromas of the regional gastronomy which is marked by fresh fishing and local products.

Furthermore, we cannot ignore the great diversity of fauna and flora in Pueblo Brugo. As for the first, there are many animals such as foxes, capybaras, otters, hares, vizcachas, ducks, bandurriasamong another wide variety of birds.

Regarding the vegetation you can enjoy copses (large trees like seibos); Low Mountains (aromos, espinillos, palmas); Gallery Forests (carob trees, ñandubayes); Lagoon Vegetation (reeds, camalotes); Vegetation of Dry Areas (chilcas, abrojos, pencas, etc.) and Wild fruits (pisingallos, burucuyá, prickly pears, etc.).

Where is Pueblo Brugo, Entre Ríos, and how to get there

Brugo Town It is a small town located in the central west of the province of Between riversmore precisely within the municipality of Antonio Tomas district and on the banks of the Paraná River, which brings together a series of paradisiacal landscapes that remain intact in the face of human pollution.

This beautiful destination is a perfect getaway for any time of the year, since it is located 75 kilometers from the capital of Entre Ríos, Paraná. Likewise, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires It is located 542 kilometers away, that is, just over 6 hours of travel by vehicle.

Its access is also very easy and fast since it is reached through the National Route No. 12, and then travel approximately 28 km along the Provincial Route No. 8 leading up to Hernandarias.

Brugo Town Map.jpg

A 6-hour trip separates Pueblo Brugo from Capital Federal

A 6-hour trip separates Pueblo Brugo from Capital Federal


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