Big Brother: Furia said that he was diagnosed with leukemia

Big Brother: Furia said that he was diagnosed with leukemia

Participant Juliana “Furia” Scaglione told her classmates that she was diagnosed with leukemia. However, at the moment she does not require treatment.

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione, a participant in Big Brother 2023, confirmed tonight to her colleagues that doctors diagnosed her with leukemia. However, he said that he is a first grader so she will be able to continue in the program since she does not require treatment.

While he was in the room with a good part of the participants, Furia took the opportunity to tell them about the illness he suffers from. “Since I am at level one and it is not level four, I can continue to be in here. Guys, I have leukemia“, said.

He then explained that it does not require treatment.”because it’s at level one, so if that doesn’t growEvery month I have to draw blood to see what’s going on.. It may be that at 40 years old I get level three and well, we shit.” In this way, he made clear the reasons why they will allow him to continue within Big Brother 2023.

On the other hand, he detailed what he has to do to be able to take care of himself: “I have to do what I do, live a healthy life, don’t smoke so much, I can’t train what I trained before, which means I can’t be a high-performance athlete.“With this, he confirmed that he will not be able to continue with his career when he leaves the house.

Finally, Furia explained why he got into this situation: “Rest assured, I’m fine, otherwise I wouldn’t continue here. This comes from everything I endured with my family, I have to free myself and let go of everything“.

Big Brother: Fury was diagnosed with level one leukemia

Last week, Furia had to leave the house Big Brother to get a medical checkup. His untimely departure generated concern. Days later, the participant was seen leaving the confessional crying and then going to one of the rooms to lie down alone on a bed. It was Bautista who told the others that she was sensitive because she had to repeat some studies.

“Today in the morning she has a meeting with the doctors. Last night they made her fast in case any analysis had to be repeated and today the studies are in, they handle the protocol in The arches And they take her out again because it’s not just one doctor, there are several who are going to talk to her,” said Santiago del Moro, host of Big Brother.

A camera captured her talking to Bautista and Mauro about her state of health, prior to confirming the current diagnosis. “At this moment I have to think about passing a study that could give me leukemia.. I have to wait 48 hours for them to tell me what the hell I have,” she said.

The doctors finally diagnosed him with leukemia, but since he is level one, he will not have to undergo chemotherapy treatment but will have to have monthly check-ups.

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