Hip-Hop Trio: Fettes Brot members still meet regularly

Hip-Hop Trio: Fettes Brot members still meet regularly

In September 2023, the North German band Fettes Brot came to an end. But the friendship of the three German rappers is far from over.

Although the northern German hip-hop trio Fettes Brot officially retired in autumn 2023, the artists are still often on the road together. “We see each other often and regularly go to the Pauli games together,” said ex-Fettes-Brot member Boris Lauterbach, known by the stage name King Boris, to the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

With Martin Vandreier alias Dokter Renz and Björn Warns alias Björn Beton, he was a German rapper with cult status for more than 30 years.

And despite the long time, the ending doesn’t feel bad. “I’ve known for a while that we were breaking up and had time to process it. So far it feels more like a break after a tour because we also have professional meetings together every now and then or go out to dinner and see each other. ” King Boris also finds distraction in music. On April 26th he will release his second solo album “Disneyland After Dark”. He had his first solo experiences with “The King Dances” in 2012.

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