Not long left: Telefe defined what day Big Brother 2024 ends

Not long left: Telefe defined what day Big Brother 2024 ends

The ball channel would already have defined the end date of the most watched program on the national small screen.

The rating numbers say that Big Brother 2024 It’s a complete success. This edition of the reality show brought stories of love, conflicts and controversies. And with all that, it is the program most chosen by Argentine viewers.

However, the weeks progress and the renowned program of Telefe is approaching its end. When it will be?

Big Brother 2024: when will the grand final be?

Although there is a confirmed ending month (July), the exact day of the grand final has not yet been confirmed. Despite this, it is estimated that the end date of the program conducted by Santiago del Moro It would be Sunday the 7th, although we still have to wait for official confirmation from Telefe.

As there is no confirmed closing day, this may vary depending on issues that have to do with the success that Big Brother brings, added to the production decisions with the development of the program. This is why we only have to wait for official confirmation from the channel.

Who was the last one eliminated from Big Brother 2024

The gala that left last Sunday was without a doubt exciting and special. In it were almost all the contestants who remained in the reality show (except the leader Bautista Mascia) and this time the vote of the “Supreme” was positive, which the participant who left the house was because he was the least chosen by the public.

Big Brother.jpeg

After a long Sunday galaPaloma Mendez was the one chosen to leave the house, after forming a final plaque with Mauro D’Alessio and Florence Regidor. In this way, those who remained in the contest are:

  • Federico “Manzana” Farías
  • Zoe Bogach
  • Martin Ku
  • Emmanuel Vich
  • Nicolas Grosman
  • Juliana Scaglione
  • Bautista Mascia
  • Virginia Demo
  • Florence Regidor
  • Darío Martínez
  • Mauro Dalessio
  • Coty Romero

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