Catherine Zeta-Jones: Daughter Carys celebrates in her vintage outfit

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Daughter Carys celebrates in her vintage outfit

In a vintage look: Carys Douglas used her mother Catherine Zeta-Jones’ wardrobe for her 21st birthday party.

Carys Douglas (21), the daughter of two Hollywood stars Catherine Zeta-Jones (54) and Michael Douglas (79), celebrated her 21st birthday on Sunday (April 21). For the party, the young actress had chosen a very special outfit from her mother’s wardrobe. For her birthday celebrations, Carys wore the iconic pink slip dress that Zeta-Jones wore to the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

“The most perfect 21st birthday I could have wished for,” she wrote in a comment on a photo carousel that showed, among other things, her outfit. In one photo, Carys Douglas stands next to a festive table and shows off her vintage look, which she picked up from her famous mother’s stash.

The pink satin midi dress impresses with its playful details. The thin straps of the slip dress are decorated with pearls, the chest area around the cleavage is decorated with white lace and glittering floral embroidery. Carys wears her brown hair in the photo in a similar way to her mother on the red carpet almost 25 years ago. Catherine Zeta-Jones commented on her daughter’s post with the words: “You deserve it, my darling!”

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas congratulate

The 54-year-old and her husband Michael Douglas also congratulated her with separate Instagram posts. “Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter,” . “You are the joy of my life. Watching you blossom for 21 years into the incredible woman you are today is a gift from God that I never take for granted and appreciate every day of my life.”

Michael Douglas released , which was taken at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023 and shows him admiringly looking at his daughter. “Happy 21st birthday, my dear Carys,” he wrote. “You bring me and the world so much happiness.”

The actor couple has been married since 2000. In addition to their daughter Carys, they also have their son Dylan (23). Michael Douglas also has son Cameron Douglas (45) from his previous marriage to film producer Diandra Luker (68).

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