INCAA: Ricardo Darín and Dolores Fonzi criticized the Government cuts

INCAA: Ricardo Darín and Dolores Fonzi criticized the Government cuts

Through a message on social networks, they demonstrated against the government’s decision to eliminate theaters and other areas of the Argentine film organization. The reorganization of the entity will take place in the coming days.

The government of Javier Milei announced, as had been anticipated, the budget cut to National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA). Through a publication in the Official bulletinsigned by the president of the organization, Carlos Pirovano, the closure of some of the areas of the organization and the suspension of its staff were reported until further notice.

As a consequence of this transition, around 250 workers They were notified not to report to their jobs at the INCAA offices in recent days. Last Friday a mobilization was carried out at the headquarters in protest against the closure of the space promotion of the institute and the 170 layoffs that had already been announced.

Since the confirmation of the measure, several actors once again demonstrated against this cut. Dolores Fonzi was one of the first to express her opinion through her Instagram account. The Argentine actress and director wrote: “Argentine cinema, in addition to being culture and identity, It is an industry that generates thousands of jobs”, highlighting the words ‘Argentine cinema’ in capital letters. And he continued: “It gives prestige and money to the country, and unites us as a society.”

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Ricardo Darín shared Dolores Fonzi's message on social networks about the closure of the INCAA.

Ricardo Darín shared Dolores Fonzi’s message on social networks about the closure of the INCAA.

Finally, the actress added: “Argentine cinema is cinema and it is Argentina and we cannot allow ignorance, indifference, and hatred to destroy us”. “Let’s march,” the message ended.

The writing was quickly reposted by Ricardo Darínwho participated in recognized national cinema productions such as Wild Tales and the Secret of his eyes. One of his most recent performances was the personification of Prosecutor Strassera in Santiago Mite’s film “1985”, which portrays the Trial of the Juntas carried out that year.

Closure of INCAA: which sectors will be eliminated

Measure, made official in the Official Gazette On Monday the 22nd, he detailed the new formation of the entity’s organizational chart. The managements that will be maintained will be the General, Legal Affairs, Administration and Finance and Public Policies.

The managements of Promotion, Institutional Affairs, Exhibition and Hearings and Supervision of Audiovisual Activity will be canceled after the cut. In the new text of the omnibus law, the Government had made modifications to the financing of the INCAA, in addition to suspending hiring, support and institutional contributions.

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