Actress Sydney Sweeney apologizes for her “big tits”

Actress Sydney Sweeney apologizes for her “big tits”

The actress’s message comes after being criticized by Hollywood producer Carol Baum.

Sydney Sweeney has become one of the great promises of American television and cinema, since Euphoria, The White Lotus or The Voyeurs. The 26-year-old is one of the most sought-after actresses today.

However, it is not exempt from criticism and unexpected attacks, such is the case of the Hollywood production company Carol Baumresponsible for films like The bride’s father; who during the screening of another of his films, Dead Ringers (1988), did not hesitate to criticize Sweeney, stating that he did not understand how he continued working. “She’s not pretty, she doesn’t know how to act”he claimed.

In the face of criticism, Sweeney remained silent, but comments against Baum – who also teaches at the USC School of Cinematic Arts – from the industry were immediate, calling the production company “sexist.” The 81-year-old producer apologized and said she regretted her comments..

Sydney Sweeney’s responses to criticism

However, Sweeney did want to “say” something about it. The actress shared some images enjoying an idyllic vacation in Mexico, and among the snapshots, one in which you can see the protagonist of Anyone but You with a sweatshirt on which you can read: “Sorry for having big tits and correct opinions”.


Sweeney’s statement of intent comes after responding to Baum through her representative, stating that it was very “sad” that the producer decided to “attack another woman.” “If that’s what she’s learned from decades in the industry and she feels it’s appropriate to teach her students, she leaves a lot to be desired.”

His classmates, in addition to Sweeney’s acting teacher, Scott Seditahave defended the actress, ensuring that she has always been very “serious” in her work.

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