Hidden paradise: the small town Chubut that has warm waters and you will fall in love with it

Hidden paradise: the small town Chubut that has warm waters and you will fall in love with it

It is a practically hidden destination in Patagonia that invites you to enjoy natural and peaceful tourism.

He Argentina tourism It has an infinite number of destinations to discover that adapt to the objectives of each vacationer, from the eccentricities of the cities to the majestic natural landscapes of our territory. Chubut offers a hidden paradise to enjoy its nature, tranquility and the views of Rosario Lake.

A vacation in nature allows you to get away from the endless noise of the cities. But these instances encourage us to reconnect and recognize our environment. Chubut invites you to live a relaxing experience in a town of just 87 people.

What to do in Lago Rosario, Chubut

This town allows you to disconnect and gaze at an endless crystalline lake, which Its waters create a mirage with the mountains of our Patagonia to create picture-worthy landscapes anywhere the eye can see.

This town has several campsites and hotels so that tourists can find their accommodations according to the experience that the tourist wants to take away from their vacation. In Lago Rosario, the activities of walks through the mountains and another of its strengths is fishing. At the same time, it has warm water beaches for summer vacations.

Embed – Lago Rosario 2 – Chubut

Lake Rosario allows camping under the light of the stars. When daylight begins to fade, a new spectacle is revealed right in front of the tourists’ eyes. The small town of Chubut also allows you to admire the night sky because it does not have the same light pollution as big cities.

How to get to Lago Rosario, Chubut

To reach the hidden paradise of Patagonia, you can take starting point the city of Chubut, capital of the province. From this beginning, you must enter the National Route 25 to Futaleufú. In this part you must change towards National Route 259 until you reach Lake Rosario. The total distance of the trip is 300 kilometers and an average of four hours of travel.

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