Charlène and Albert from Monaco in Hamburg: This is how the visit should go

Charlène and Albert from Monaco in Hamburg: This is how the visit should go

In the midst of a financial scandal, Monaco’s royal couple is stopping in Germany: Charlène and Albert are expected in Hamburg on Thursday. What is planned.

These are difficult times for Monaco’s royal couple: headlines about a financial scandal in the principality have been making the rounds internationally for weeks. Prince Albert’s former asset manager has made serious allegations, including dubious real estate transactions and unclean expense reports. Albert and his wife Charlène counteract this and present themselves as confident and united when they perform. Now the royal couple is coming to Germany.

On Thursday, April 25th, the royals are expected in Hamburg to open the new Monaco area in Miniatur Wunderland. On 36 square meters, the miniature replica of the principality on the Côte d’Azur will be the latest attraction in the exhibition. As reported, the visit was planned long ago and privately organized. The founders of the model railway system have been in contact with the Monegasque embassy since 2017 and have held discussions about the project in Monaco and Berlin. A few weeks ago the surprising confirmation came: Charlène and Albert wanted to see their homeland in person in miniature format.

Charlène and Albert open the Monaco circuit

They are scheduled to fly to Hamburg on Thursday in a private jet and be taken from the airport with a police escort directly to the model railway complex. The Miniatur Wunderland is therefore closed to regular visitors from 2 p.m. Inside, the two will then open the new Monaco world, including the replica of the famous Formula 1 race track in Monte Carlo. The employees have been working on this alone for eleven years.

After a tour, there will also be a reception for the royal couple in the tourist attraction – but not an official one and therefore without Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher. It is not known who exactly will be among the prominent guests around Charlène and Albert. What is certain, however, is that the two will not stay in Germany, but will travel back to Monaco in the evening.

Source: Stern

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