Surprise in The Simpsons: a historical character dies in the new season

Surprise in The Simpsons: a historical character dies in the new season

The Simpson It is one of the most beloved animated series in television history. Currently, its 35th season premiered, in which a historical character dies that left more than one fan speechless.

In the chapter called Cremains the Daybroadcast over the weekend, viewers could see Larry’s deathone of the characters who frequented Moe’s tavern, Homer’s favorite bar.

In the episode they showed that Moe opened the doors of his bar for customers to watch a football game. At the end, and angry because his team lost, the owner of the tavern decided to throw everyone out and it was there that Homer noticed that Larry was lifeless.

Furthermore, although they spent many hours together in the tavern, Homer noted that he didn’t know Larry very well.. Finally, his full name was revealed for the first time as Lawrence Dalrymple.

Fan reaction to Larry’s death on The Simpsons

The news of his death within the series caused a stir on social networks, where fans have expressed their pain for the loss of a character who, although not always at the center of the action, had earned a special place in the hearts of the audience.

The comments reflect the surprise and nostalgia of the series’ followers, who have seen how The Simpsons have not only evolved over the decades but have also managed to maintain interest by exploring the stories of characters who, At first glance, they might seem secondary.


Who was Larry in The Simpsons?

Over the years, his presence in the background of many scenes in Moe’s tavern has added a unique flavor to the series, representing one of those characters who, without having a leading role, become essential part of the tavern scenography.

The departure of Larry joins a series of movements by the creators of The Simpson to revisit and further develop past characters and plots, in what some fans have called a revival of the “Golden Era” of the series, which many consider to fall between seasons 3 and 9. The return of forgotten characters, such as Jacques, the bowling coach, voiced by Albert Brooks, signals an interest in honoring the series’ rich history while continuing to move forward.

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