“Friends” star Courteney Cox: Painful separation in couples therapy

“Friends” star Courteney Cox: Painful separation in couples therapy

“Friends” star Courteney Cox experienced a painful breakup during a couples therapy session in the past.

US actress Courteney Cox (59) has been in a relationship with musician Johnny McDaid (47) for several years. Cox now has a special episode of the love between the two stars. According to this, her boyfriend McDaid broke up with her in a couples therapy session. But the couple subsequently got back together, and today Cox is “grateful for this separation.”

“Friends” star Courteney Cox: separation in couples therapy

“Johnny and I separated five years ago,” reports the former “Friends” star in the podcast episode of her fellow actress Minnie Driver (54). “We broke up in therapy. I didn’t know it was coming.” Her then fiancé and current partner “just broke up within the first minute.”

Cox was then “so shocked” and felt “so much pain.” The 59-year-old also explains that she doesn’t like surprises. And yet, the actress adds, her partner, who is twelve years her junior, did not act like that intentionally or planned. “He had so much pain in the relationship. There was so much to process that he had to protect his heart.”

“I’m so grateful for this separation”

Instead of being angry at McDaid for his actions, Cox said she worked on herself – with the same therapist on whose couch her fiancé had previously broken up with her. It was “brutal to go to his practice for a while afterwards,” said the US star.

But ultimately Cox learned “to find my voice and my boundaries again and to find out what my motives were in life – what my role was in this matter.” Today, she says, she is “so grateful for that breakup, because when we got back together it was a completely different relationship.”

The actress and the musician have been a couple on and off since 2013. They were introduced to each other by none other than Ed Sheeran (33). He is a mutual friend of both of them. Cox was previously married to “Scream” star David Arquette (52) from 1999 to 2013. The two have a daughter together, who was born in 2004.

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