Goodbye Star+: the Modern Family series will change platforms

Goodbye Star+: the Modern Family series will change platforms

The multi-award-winning North American sitcom, which could initially be seen on Netflix, will once again have to move.

Modern Family has been one of the most acclaimed series of the last decade, establishing itself as a benchmark for family humor on television. From its premiere in 2009 to its conclusion in 2020, the series has delighted us with ten seasons full of laughter, emotions and unforgettable moments.

One of the greatest successes of the series is its exceptionally talented cast, led by figures such as Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sarah Hyland, among others. The chemistry between the actors and the ability to deliver witty dialogue have been critical to its success.

That is why, despite the passage of time, the sitcom that follows the lives of the Pritchett, Dunphy and Tucker-Pritchett families continues to gain new followers around the world. And of course there are those fans who, despite having seen all the episodes a million times, will still have it on their favorite playlist.

Modern Family It is part of the catalog of Star+ since the platform began to operate, but given its imminent closure, it has already been confirmed that now will move to Disney+ listfor the peace of mind of all his followers.


The series accumulated a large number of fans and awards during its 10 seasons.

The series accumulated a large number of fans and awards during its 10 seasons.

What day will Star+ disappear from Argentina

The Latin American division of The Walt Disney Company (TWDCLA) faces leak of date of closure of the Star+ streaming platform. Disney had previously confirmed that this would merge with Disney+ in the future.

The leak came from the telecommunications company Movistar Chilewhich, through a statement about its service, confirmed the news, announcing that “the Star+ streaming platform will be eliminated throughout the country starting June 30 2024″.

This preview ruined Disney’s official announcement in Latin America, since Star+ is only available in this region. Although the president of TWDCLA, Diego Lernerhad anticipated the demise of Star+ previously, this surprised many people who were not aware.

star+ closes.webp

Star leaves Latin America.

Star leaves Latin America.

What will happen to Star+ content after its closure

Now that the closing date of the streaming platform has been revealed Star+ by The Walt Disney Company Latin America (TWDCLA), a leak arises about the destination of the contents of Disney+which has surprised users.

It has been reported that the current contents of Star+, including sports broadcasts and recitals, will be integrated into the new Disney+ catalog in order to strengthen the platform and attract more subscribers. Thus, the Disney+ catalog will expand significantly.

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