The film ”28 years later” confirmed cast: three movie stars will be part of the sequel

The film ”28 years later” confirmed cast: three movie stars will be part of the sequel

The recently announced movie ”28 years later” confirmed three big screen stars in the cast of the sequel to ”28 days later”: Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ralph Fiennes. Furthermore, they aim to carry out a new trilogy

The duo from the first feature film get together again, since both Danny Boyle -who will also be the director- and Alex Garland They will write the script just as they did in the story that once began with Jim (Cillian Murphy) waking up from a coma in the middle of a city completely devastated by a disease that turns humans into violent and bloodthirsty series.

The film will have a budget, according to publications ComingSoon of 75 million dollarss and original producer Andrew Macdonald also reprises his duties alongside Peter Rice. Likewise, Boyle and Garland are also producers, while the latest news is that Cillian Murphy will be linked to the project, for now as produceralthough his possible return is already rumored as Jim, the main character of 28 days later.

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Cillian Murphy starred in ”28 Days Later” and will return, so far, as producer

20th Century Studios

Additionally, the studio hired the director of Candyman, Nia DaCosta, to direct the second part of the trilogy since the plan is to sign both films consecutively, as announced by Deadline. Regarding the three newest cast members, the studio took a stance of hiring big-name actors, unlike the previous two where they were mostly unknowns.

Who are the actors who will star in the film?

After her Emmy-winning starring role in Killing Eve, Eat She has kept busy in the film field, starring in films such as Free Guy along with Ryan Reynolds and The Last Duel by Ridley Scott. It can then be seen in The Bikeridersalong with Tom Hardy and Austin Butler.

For Taylor-Johnsonthe job continues his strong partnership with Sony following a role in bullet trainas well as the upcoming Marvel movie, Kraven the Hunter. You will then be in The Fall Guy which opens next week and also stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. It also has the gothic horror film Nosferatu which will be released at the end of the year.

Fiennesan Oscar nominee, is currently wrapping up a four-city international run of the play Macbeth, sold out, in Washington, DC. The play was performed in Liverpool, London and Edinburgh to sold out tickets in all cities and to excellent reviews. She also stars in two films that will be released in the spring, Conclavedirected by Edward Berger and The Returndirected by Uberto Pasolini alongside Juliette Binoche.

When will it be released 28 years later?

28 years later it still has no release date. Since news of the sequel was released recently, we still have a while to wait for information on when it might be released.

Originally, the sequel was going to be titled 28 Months Later, continuing the title motif established in the film’s timeline. However, after so long since we last returned to this world in 2007, Boyle, Garland and Murphy thought the title 28 years later would be more appropriate.

What is the plot of 28 years later?

The 28 Years Later plot has not yet been published, and Boyle, Garland and Murphy they keep the details secret of their long-awaited zombie reunion for the moment.

Despite this lack of information, it is perhaps safe to assume that his story will transport us once again to a world devastated by a zombie outbreak and struggling to regain a sense of normality. As is often the case with these types of sequels, any solution to the problems of eating meat usually doesn’t last long, and the chaos soon returns with terrifying consequences.

Boyle’s original film took us to a world where anti-animal abuse protesters accidentally release a new virus into the world while trying to free some lab animals. This highly contagious and fast-spreading virus sends anyone it infects into a blind, murderous rage and it doesn’t take long for it to spread across the UK, destroying everything and everyone in its path.

One of the few people unaware of this destruction is Murphy’s character, Jim, who wakes up after months in a coma to discover a very different world, divided into two factions: the survivors and the infected.

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