Actress: Emily Blunt thinks love is possible on a film set

Actress: Emily Blunt thinks love is possible on a film set

Where does love fall? Emily Blunt has a clear opinion when it comes to love affairs on movie sets.

Hollywood actress Emily Blunt (41) believes romantic relationships on a film set are possible. “It just depends on the people. I mean, people always call it a show romance. Sometimes that’s true and sometimes I think it can be something much deeper, more lasting than that,” the “Oppenheimer” star said the German Press Agency in Berlin. “I think I understand why people come together on a film set because it’s so isolated.” It’s like a secret language that everyone who works on a film has.

Blunt can be seen alongside actor Ryan Gosling (“Barbie”) in the action comedy “The Fall Guy” from April 30th. In the blockbuster by David Leitch (“Bullet Train”), the 41-year-old plays a director who meets her ex-boyfriend and stuntman Colt Seavers (Gosling) on ​​her film set and has to work with him. “The Fall Guy” is inspired by the 80s cult series “A Colt for All Cases” about the stuntman and bounty hunter Colt Seavers.

“We wanted to show the spectacle and romance of a movie set. It’s such an interesting setting for two people trying to get back together, with explosions and so many obstacles and extremes standing in their way,” said Blunt, who worked with the Actor and director John Krasinski is married.

Trailer for “The Fall Guy”

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