Royals: Buckingham Palace is apparently teasing Duchess Meghan

Royals: Buckingham Palace is apparently teasing Duchess Meghan

After Duchess Meghan sent out 50 of her homemade jams for PR purposes, Buckingham Palace is now also promoting sweet spreads. Quite a few suspect this to be a swipe towards Montecito.

With her new lifestyle company American Riviera Orchard, Duchess Meghan wants to establish herself as the new Martha Stewart or Gwyneth Paltrow. Although she hasn’t officially launched her company yet, there are already some clues. The Duchess recently sent 50 specially bottled, homemade strawberry jam to friends and influencers. Some of them posted pictures of it on Instagram.

Buckingham Palace: swipe at Duchess Meghan

In Great Britain, Meghan’s jam PR campaign caused no small amount of ridicule. The fact that Prince Harry’s wife is using her status as a duchess – according to the accusation – to sell products does not suit traditional royal fans. The Royals have been doing this for years. You can find advertising for the royal goods on Instagram under the name “Buckingham Palace Shop”. From gin to tea services, everything is there. Now the account posted a little self-marketing, which could also be understood as a swipe at Montecito: a video in which, of all things, the royal jam is advertised.

“Our strawberry jam is made from only the best berries and tastes so many different things,” the video says. So shortly after Meghan caused a stir with her strawberry jam, the posting can hardly be a coincidence – this is also shown by the reactions to the short clip. “Wait! Did the palace just subtly troll Ms. Montecito?!” one fan wrote. “Buckingham Palace instead of Montecito, any time,” explains another. But the posting also caused criticism.

“Does the royal family hate Harry, Meghan and their children so much that they don’t want them to earn extra money? After all, it’s not a book, so they could at least let them do that,” one subscriber commented, naming them Royal Family subsequently “toxic”. “You’re showing your true colors. I used to respect the Royal Family, but I don’t anymore,” writes one user.

By purchasing from the Buckingham Palace Shop, people are not directly supporting King Charles III, but rather the institution and the country. “The proceeds from every purchase you make go directly into the care of the Royal Collection, which is not the personal property of His Majesty the King, but is held by him as sovereign in trust for his successors and the nation,” it reads the website.

source: Instagram Buckingham Palace Shop

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