Scandal with Alfa from Big Brother: he was raided and arrested

Scandal with Alfa from Big Brother: he was raided and arrested

The ex Big Brother Walter “Alfa” Santiago He was involved in an incident on public roads with a motorist, and this led to his house being searched in the last few hours in search of keys belonging to the complainant.

The news was confirmed this Wednesday night on LAM, Angel de Brito He said that the incident occurred a month ago. According to him he read Pepe Ochoa In the complaint that was sent to him, on March 25, around 6 p.m., Alfa crashed his Mercedes Benz into a car that was coming the wrong way at the Tigre roundabout and got out of the vehicle shouting at the other driver.

“Due to this, the dissident felt afraid, and for her physical integrity, she decided to stay on top of the vehicle for protection. She asked him to calm down and that if he did, she would provide him with the relevant documentation,” Ochoa added.

How was the incident with Alfa from Big Brother?

“This male approached her vehicle every time and it was getting worse and worse and she was more and more afraid, so she started the vehicle to go a few meters and quickly leave the place, (…) What happens is, she “It circulated approximately a thousand meters,” the panelist read.

“This one did it too, because Alfa chased her in the car and confronted her again, loudly saying ‘You’re going to regret it’”, said Pepe Ochoa. “Next, he forcibly takes her car keys and pushes her against the car. After this, Alfa boards his vehicle and flees,” he concluded.

In this way, in the last few hours police forces raided Alfa’s home looking for the keys to the complainant’s car, which had only that set. However, the keys in question could not be found.

What Alfa said about the raid on his house

While they were talking about the topic, Alfa sent a message to Federico Bongiorno denying the facts. “At no time was I detained, I was informed of a situation. The day I entered Big Brother, a woman driving the wrong way with a car without a green ID, without insurance, without registration, without anything, hit one of my Mercedes,” said the media person.

They are panicked about the claim, they are panicked. And since they saw that I drive in Mercedes and I am known (…) they think they can do something, nothing more than that. Nothing more than a pineapple that hit me in a Mercedes. “That’s the whole story,” the businessman concluded.

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