Netflix: the innovative miniseries for dog lovers that has 11-minute chapters

Netflix: the innovative miniseries for dog lovers that has 11-minute chapters

Los Paseos de Bruno became one of the most acclaimed series on the streaming platform for encouraging animal respect in a fun way.

Bruno’s Walks is one of the comedy series that are available in the Netflix catalog and that fascinated dog lovers. The production encourages you to marathon it in a single afternoon due to its short duration of eight chapters of only 11 minutes each.

The Netflix production is among the best rated stories despite the fact that its premiere was on May 17, 2019. Many users of the streaming platform chose it “It’s Bruno!” (its title in English) as one of her favorites for transmitting a message of animal respect in a fun and innovative way. This initiative serves to raise awareness among the audience and encourage positive changes in people’s behavior towards animals.

What is “Bruno’s Walks” about, Netflix miniseries

The story takes place in Brooklyn, New York City, United States. In this place, Malcom is dedicated to taking care of his dog named Bruno, one of his tasks is to try to teach his neighbors to maintain due animal respect with his pet.

As its name indicates, the series takes place in the daily walks that Malcom takes with his dog. On these outings they will encounter various problems that cause discomfort in Bruno. The solutions and relationship between the two captivated audiences to the extent that the series was nominated for the Emmy Awards and was critically acclaimed. with 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes,

Trailer for “Bruno’s Walks”, Netflix miniseries

Embed – IT’S BRUNO Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Cast of “Bruno’s Walks”, Netflix miniseries

The series stars its creator, Solvan Naim. In addition to the participation of the dog, the cast is complemented by:

  • Shakira Barrera
  • Sam Eliad
  • Jade Eshete
  • Anthony Valderrama

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