They recovered María Becerra’s double platinum album stolen in Ezeiza

They recovered María Becerra’s double platinum album stolen in Ezeiza

The PSA managed to recover a precious object for Maria Becerra: her double platinum record awarded by the singer’s record company, Warner Music, for the sales of her album “Empty heart”.

A producer of the singer, who returned to the country from Italy on April 22, had left it in a suitcase cart in one of the airport parking lots and a couple from Villa Urquiza took it. Wrapped in green paper, they walked him through the terminal and took him to his home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.. That entire sequence was recorded by security cameras.

After the complaint, prosecutor Florencia Belloc, secretary of Federico Ricart, of the UFI No. 1 Decentralized of Ezeiza, ordered measures to be taken by the Airport Security Police to find the valuable distinction and after monitoring through security cameras, He managed to reach the kidnappers.

The agents were able to observe that a man, later identified as Marcelo M., took the painting, approximately 65 centimeters high by 40 centimeters wide, and kept it in a Toyota Corolla. Through the vehicle’s license plate, investigators were able to reach the suspect’s home, located on Franklin D. Roosevelt Street in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquiza.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Marcelo M. is a systems analyst at the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE) of the Armed Forces. The data coincides with his business history.

They recovered María Becerra’s double platinum album

This Wednesday, around 1:00 p.m., the agents arrived at his apartment with a search warrant. Marcelo M. was not there. Yes, there was his wife who, at first, distrusted the Police and refused to open the door.

Once inside the house, the woman understood what they were looking for. “Spontaneously He said that they had it there because they wanted the painting to reach the artist, that they didn’t want just anyone to grab it. and that they were waiting for someone to call them,” said an investigator present at the time.

Ten minutes later, her husband arrived with bouquets of flowers in his hands. “He asked: “What happened?”, and she explained: “They came because of the painting.”

Unlike his partner, Marcelo M. opted for silence, while the officers removed the painting from its hiding place: behind a TV rack.

Thus, the analyst was charged with the crime of appropriation of lost property.

Meanwhile, Becerra in recent days made a brief participation with J Balvin at the Coachella festival, in the United States. As a guest, the young woman made her first appearance at the massive festival in North America. The duo sang the verses of What else?and it was exciting.

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