The beautiful hidden lagoon near Mar del Plata that everyone who visits falls in love with

The beautiful hidden lagoon near Mar del Plata that everyone who visits falls in love with

Little by little, the areas near the city of Mar del Plata They begin to generate their own attraction and stop being places of passage, to emerge in new ones. tourist spots in the province of Buenos Aires.

From rural areas, ideal for spending a day of picnics and horseback riding, to others that also have water as the most prominent element. Because although the sea of The happy It has several attractions for tourists, there are many activities that cannot be done or that are more complicated than doing them in another type of place; such as for example La Brava Lagoon.

What to do in Laguna La Brava

He Tandilia System It covers a set of mountain ranges that extend 340 kilometers and 60 kilometers wide. Its beginning is in Olavarriaextends through the Pampas region and ends in Punta MogotesMar del Plata, crossing Balcarcewhere the Laguna Brava. On the west side of the lagoon, there is the Sierra Bravacreating a landscape reminiscent of the views of Patagonia.

Water sports are an excellent option to explore the various corners of La Brava: water skiing, windsurfing, stand paddle, kayak, rowboat and sailboat. The use of jet skis or jet skis is not permitted, but swimming is permitted. Daily rental prices are approximately $4,000 for the kayak, $6,000 for the rowboat, and $4,000 for the stand up paddle board.


In La Brava Lagoon you can rent canoes and boats to navigate.


Around the lagoon, you can do walks, climb the saws, hiking, paragliding, observation of the night sky and bird watching. Another place of interest is the old La Brava Estancia Helmetwhere the owner, Thelma Martinwelcomes visitors with pleasure, offering tours of the place while sharing stories and details of the buildings of the time.

The town is located at kilometer 36.5 of Route 226, accessible by car. You can opt for a picnic with tea and a guided tour, or a longer stay with prior reservation. Activities offered include horse and bicycle rides, art workshops, visits to the organic garden and sheep pen.

Where to stay in Laguna La Brava

For those looking for overnight stay options, the resort Ruca Lauquen It is presented as a popular choice. A decade ago, this place inaugurated the first teahouse in the area and today it is the largest complex in the region. With capacity to hold approximately 150 people in tentsRuca Lauquen also offers cabins and apartments for 2, 4 and 6 people, all of them equipped with a swimming pool and access to a variety of water sports.

On the north shore, a few kilometers from Ruca Lauquen, is the Laguna La Brava Residential Villa, which also offers access to the lagoon from a different perspective. Here, visitors have accommodation options ranging from camping in the Laguna Brava Fishing Club Camping even renting cabins or temporary houses nearby.

The average cost per night of a apartment or cabin For two people it is around $20,000. For groups of 4 or more, the price per night starts at $28,000. In the case of camping in Ruca Lauquen, the cost is $2,000 for children under 12 years of age and $3,000 for adults.

How to get to Laguna La Brava from Mar del Plata

The most direct way to go from Mar del Plata to the La Brava Lagoon is to take national route 226, for almost 35 kilometers, until you reach provincial road 045-07 towards the exit of Balcarce for another 4km.

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Barely 45 kilometers separate Mar del Plata from the lagoon.

Barely 45 kilometers separate Mar del Plata from the lagoon.


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