Barbara Schöneberger: In and of itself she “didn’t do anything”

Barbara Schöneberger: In and of itself she “didn’t do anything”

Barbara Schöneberger is one of the most famous TV faces in Germany. Now the presenter looks back on her career.

No matter whether it’s the German ESC preliminary round, “Do you understand fun?”, “Because you don’t know what’s happening! – The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show”, Barba Radio or your own podcast “With the Waffles of a Woman” – Barbara Schöneberger (50) is almost omnipresent in the German media landscape. And she has always danced at many (TV) weddings. The entertainer and presenter now looks back on her career in the podcast “40 Years On Air” by the media magazine “DWDL” and the media association VAUNET and is, as usual, open and humorous.

“I think looking back at my career… God, I actually didn’t do anything. I wore a tight dress every day and said some nonsense,” says Schöneberger in the podcast episode released on Saturday. But she had “at least earned the trust of the editors,” who told her: “Do it. In the end it will be positive for everyone involved.”

Oliver Pocher was in the Audi TT, she was in the VW Polo

Today she has a well-rehearsed team, but at the beginning of her career things looked completely different. “Oliver Pocher had already ordered the second Audi TT, and I was still driving around in the VW Polo with a folding roof and thought to myself ‘Hmm, maybe this is all just a big misunderstanding,'” says Schöneberger. Later, after about six to seven years, the entertainer found herself in a phase of self-discovery – the “most difficult point” for her.

“There were two or three years from 2005 onwards when I thought, ‘Oh God. I’m a guest everywhere, but nobody trusts me to have my own show. I’m blonde, I look pretty nice, I’m a bit too loud – but do you trust me? What am I actually?’ If the ‘NDR Talk Show’ hadn’t come along, I would have gotten on the wrong track,” Schöneberger remembers with a laugh. She has been moderating the talk show since 2008 alongside Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt (67).

Schöneberger just squeezes in

“I never wanted to please the audience,” says Schöneberger, who, according to the preliminary report, actually only does all the moderation for herself. And there has never been “a gap” for what the entertainer does. “I’ve always filled gaps that didn’t exist before,” she says. “In the end I somehow squeeze in and sit on it, then someone moves to the side.”

Source: Stern

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