Carlo von Tiedemann has been sick for months: he has to draw on financial reserves

Carlo von Tiedemann has been sick for months: he has to draw on financial reserves

Moderator Carlo von Tiedemann is in short-term care after health setbacks. This is also a financial burden for him.

The financial burden “is not pleasant”: NDR star Carlo von Tiedemann (80), who is in inpatient short-term care after health problems and now has to cope with four months of absence from work,: “You have to use your reserves. I have great wealth never owned.” The moderator added: “Fortunately, there are reserves. But they are slowly being used. 40 percent of the costs are reimbursed, no more. I could hardly afford another six months. I’m a freelancer at NDR. That’s what you get not a penny now…”

Carlo von Tiedemann was in the hospital for a long time

At the beginning of April, Carlo von Tiedemann revealed to the “Bild” newspaper that he had previously had to go to the clinic with a bacterial infection in his coronary arteries. The 80-year-old explained that he also broke a vertebra in his back and caught pneumonia in the hospital. He was in the hospital for almost eight weeks and then spent four weeks in rehab.

He has been in short-term inpatient care in Schleswig-Holstein since April 10th and says in the current interview: “I want to go home soon, back to the microphone. My listeners miss me. It’s nice when you’re needed.”

His wife Julia supports him

The radio and TV presenter started his career in the 1970s. Last October he celebrated his 80th birthday. Carlo von Tiedemann, who has been suffering from a heart disease called amyloidosis since 2021, is receiving support for his health problems from his family: his wife Julia (57) and daughter Viktoria (20) have visited him every day since he has been receiving treatment, said he: “That helps a lot.”

Source: Stern

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