The best trick so that coffee does not stain your teeth

The best trick so that coffee does not stain your teeth

Although drinking coffee has health benefits, one of the disadvantages is the yellowish tone it generates on your teeth. Learn to minimize the tone.

Having a delicious coffee in the morning is part of the routine of several people who use this relaxing moment to wake up and get active to carry out their daily duties such as working, taking care of pending tasks or going to school.

Although drinking coffee has health benefitsone of the disadvantages of its daily intake is that little by little it staining teeth, causing a yellowish hue in the enamel that looks unaesthetic. Luckily, there is a trick to avoid staining your teeth while drinking coffee, without having to resort to commercial products.

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How to prevent coffee from staining your teeth

Through the TikTok platform, the British dentist Shaadi Manouchehri, who constantly shares tips about oral health, published a little trick to avoid wearing down your enamel when drinking coffee.

The trick is to stop sipping coffee during the day, no matter how much sugar or supplements it contains, it will continue to cause stains on the teeth. She assures that the longer the time of ingestion lengthens, the damage will be a constant on the teeth.

He also advises do not brush your teeth immediately after you finish drinking itsince at this stage the teeth are in a “very acidic” state and when rubbing them, the only thing that is achieved is to spread all that “acid” across the enamel of the teeth.

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