The 8-episode Netflix miniseries that reveals everything about the Russian dynasty

The 8-episode Netflix miniseries that reveals everything about the Russian dynasty

The Last Tsars became one of the most chosen documentary series for its combination of drama and history.

The last tsars became one of the best series Netflix documentaries. Its story focused on the tragic fall of the Russian dynasty until the February Revolution ended the tsarist regime. What stood out about the production was its dramatic adaptation of the events, along with the interventions and comments of specialists and historians.

The most popular streaming platform adapted the story of the Romanovs, who were murdered by their people, without accessing the possibility of a trial. The series demonstrated an innovative style and an excellent setting to portray the chain of bad decisions that led to questioning the Tsar’s mandate, on the verge of generating a coup d’état. This period is narrated with a captivating rhythm that motivates the public to marathon its eight chapters.

What The Last Tsars is about, Netflix miniseries

The Netflix series begins when Nicholas Romanov took over as Tsar, after the early death of his father. The new Russian ruler saw a totally different reality from what his country faced and he was convinced that he was chosen by God. This thought not only affected his ridiculous decision-making, but also contemplated that the people should follow his mandate as ordered.

The Last Tsars revisits several significant events in Russian history during Nicholas’s rule. One of the main events was the Red Sunday, when 120 thousand workers lost their lives for demanding their rights in the Winter Palace. Like Russian historical cinema, the Netflix series will also deal with topics such as the Battleship Potemkin mutiny, the beginnings of the First World War, the influence of Rasputin, among many others,

Trailer for The Last Tsars, Netflix miniseries

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Cast of The Last Tsars, Netflix miniseries

The series directed by Adrian McDowall, Gareth Tunley portrays the Romanov family with the cast of Robert Jack, Susanna Herbert, Bernice Stegers, Elsie Bennett, Gavin Mitchell and Oscar Mowdy. While the role of Rasputin was played by Ben Cartwright

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