Tini Stoessel leaves the country and temporarily retires from music: the reasons

Tini Stoessel leaves the country and temporarily retires from music: the reasons

After the shows to present her new album, the singer will embark on new projects away from music.

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After the release of his new album “Un mechón de pelo”, Tini Stoessel He plans to settle in Mexico for a while and move away from his role as a singer. The young artist will reconnect with her roots as an actress in a new project.

Tini will have her tonight first presentation of the new album. It will be this Saturday at 6 p.m. in front of a small group of people at the Hurlingham Club, after two dates rescheduled due to bad weather. The staging is open to the sky and includes a triumphal arch that symbolizes the beginning of a new stage.

As it was revealed, after the presentations, the Argentine singer steps away from music for a while because she has other projects linked to acting. “This year Tini doesn’t sing anymore. She finishes the shows, and in two weeks she goes to Mexico to record a series,” Yanina Latorre announced on her radio program.

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Tini Stoessel released her new album

Tini Stoessel released her new album “Mechón de Pelo”.

Although in recent times they have circulated rumors of a shared shoot with Lali Espósitoanother great reference of Argentine musical culture, this was denied: “It is not with Lali Espósito as it was said.” “In two weeks she will go to Mexico and will not return until 2025. He’s going to play a leading role “after a long time since she has not worked as an actress,” Latorre revealed.

There is still no information regarding the title of the production or the streaming platform on which it will be published. What was confirmed is that “it will not be a series about her life or anything related to her.”

Tini Stoessel rescheduled two shows

The shows planned for Thursday 25 and Friday April 26 They had to be rescheduled due to the rains that occurred both days in Buenos Aires. They will be the Tuesday 30th at 9:30 p.m. and the Saturday 27th at 6pm. respectively.

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Tini Stoessel had to cancel two shows due to rain.

Tini Stoessel had to cancel two shows due to rain.

It is not a tour or a series of shows“They are simply intimate presentations,” said Latorre, referring to the five dates scheduled for the month of April at the Hurlingham Club, with capacity for 5000 people.

In addition, he added that the singer will return with new musical projects next year: “The 2025 tour begins with River, and world tour. She is going to be the same Tini as always, with her hits and a new album that she will start recording soon. Her trip to Mexico “is a moment in her life that needs to stop.”

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