Television: Nazan Eckes unmasked as a superhero dog

Television: Nazan Eckes unmasked as a superhero dog

It has become an integral part of the German television landscape. Nazan Eckes became famous as the presenter of various RTL programs. Now she impressed on “Masked Singer”.

Now she can also sing: presenter and multi-talent Nazan Eckes has been exposed in the music show “The Masked Singer”. The 47-year-old slipped out of the costume of the so-called Robodog – a kind of futuristic superhero dog with all kinds of fur. Eckes didn’t get enough votes from the audience, so the four-legged friend masquerade had to come down.

“It’s incredibly fun,” she reported about taking part in the ProSieben show. However, the conditions are not easy. “I think it’s 100 degrees in this costume and it smells like an old sneaker. And sometimes the soup was running down my face.”

What was particularly surprising was the level that Eckes had achieved with her singing over the course of the show – as she had not previously appeared in public. Apparently she herself wasn’t entirely sure of herself. “I had no idea whether I could sing or not,” she admitted. In fact, it was her first time singing on a stage.

Eckes also impressed with “Let’s Dance”

The Cologne native became famous primarily through various programs on ProSieben’s competitor RTL. Among other things, she presented the dance show “Let’s Dance” and the casting format “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” there. For years she also appeared in front of the camera for “Explosiv – Das Magazin”. Eckes proved that she has additional talents lying dormant when she was hired as a candidate again on “Let’s Dance” after her time as a presenter and knew how to impress on the dance floor.

On “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues give any idea who is on stage. Normally they are exposed if they get too few votes from the audience – or end up winning the final. The tenth season is currently running.

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