5 tips for proper ear hygiene and stopping using cotton swabs

5 tips for proper ear hygiene and stopping using cotton swabs

Although the fibers of cotton swabs seem nice and fluffy, they are abrasive and that’s all our ears don’t need.

Excess wax in the ears can be very annoying. There are many people who, as a result of this discomfort, decide cleaning your ears with a cotton swab, but this is not recommended. Carrying out this action can generate a deep infectionbecoming a problem and an even more serious annoyance than the previous one.

Wax, composed of oily skin secretions, sweat and dead cells, It should not be removed as it protects the delicate inner ear by trapping substances such as dirt, dust, bacteria and fungi, and by regulating humidity. It also helps eliminate dead skin cells that come off the inner ear while we shower, or when we move our jaw when talking or chewing.

5 tips to clean your ears

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1. Wet towel

It is advisable to clean the outer ear, called the pinna, with a wet towel, in the same way as you would cleanse another part of the body. It is important to clean the external part, and no deeper than that.

2. Ear drops

It is recommended to use over the counter ear drops to help with the natural self-cleaning process. These are usually better for those with naturally drier earwax, as they work to soften the wax.

3. Avoid homemade tools

In addition to cotton swabs, experts are against any homemade or purchased tool that allows you to scrape, collect or remove ear wax. Tools such as paper clips, brushes, or chambered collectors they are so dangerous like cotton swabs.

4. Avoid ear candles

Ear candles are used by placing the unlit end of a hollow candle in the ear canal and lighting the other end. This supposedly creates suction that removes ear wax. But these are the same ineffective as well as dangerous. Not only can they cause Burnsbut the visible wax that remains is really just candle wax, not ear wax.

5. Other recommendations

The best way to keep your ears clean and healthy is leave to the wax that is generated in peace. .If it is not possible to resist the swabs, they can be used as responsible way.

Likewise, if your ears hurt, itch, or feel clogged, it is advisable to see a doctor who can diagnose an obstruction and remove it safely.

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