Paris Hilton takes off her clothes again after decades

Paris Hilton takes off her clothes again after decades

“That’s hot” was one of Paris Hilton’s most frequently spoken phrases in the ’00s. The former It girl takes off her clothes again after a long time for a magazine shoot.

Paris Hilton was the It Girl of all time in her twenties. Together with Nicole Richie, she attracted attention worldwide with her TV series “The Simple Life”, which was broadcast for the first time in 2003. The daughters of rich parents lived a completely normal life on the farm and were followed by cameras while doing, among other things, mucking out.

Paris Hilton graced countless covers, could be found at every party, there were many revealing pictures of the Hollywood starlet and there was hardly a magazine in which the blonde had not already appeared. In recent years, the former party Paris has become quiet. She married, became a mother of two and was seen almost exclusively dressed modestly.

Until now. Even at the age of 43, the old Paris still slumbers in married mother Paris Hilton. After many years of being clothed, she stripped naked in public for “Flaunt Magazine”. In a video clip on Instagram she says in her usual flirty way: “Miniskirts. Skirts should be the size of a belt. Life is short, take risks.”

Paris Hilton even shows herself completely naked in a picture

In the last photo of the Instagram picture carousel, the It girl shows herself completely naked. She is only adorned with sunglasses from Versace and bracelets from Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. In the caption, she remembers the old days with the hashtag “That’s hot.”

But even if the pictures are reminiscent of the old Paris, it has changed a lot, especially when it comes to love. In an interview with the magazine she says: “I see love very differently than before. Back then I had so much trauma and pain inside me and built such a big wall around my heart that I didn’t want to let anyone in. Only when I and my husband came together, I felt so safe that he let those walls come down.”

And being a mother has also opened up new perspectives in life for Hilton. She has a one-year-old son and a five-month-old daughter, both of whom were carried by surrogate mothers: “Now that my little boy and my little girl are in the world, I just feel this love that I’ve never felt before. I “I’m so grateful that I found my husband at this perfect time in my life (…)”.

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