Marina Calabro was hospitalized after separating from Rolando Barbano

Marina Calabro was hospitalized after separating from Rolando Barbano

The journalist Marina Calabro She was admitted for observation in a medical ward to undergo different studies for a muscle ailment.

Driver Angel de Brito She confirmed the news on her X account (formerly Twitter) and detailed that hours later she was discharged.

“Marina is at home, she only went to get treatment for muscle pain. Everything was normal. She had muscle pain and went to get treatment at a guard, but she’s fine now”wrote De Brito.

However, the panelist and friend of Calabró, Yanina Latorre, confessed that “she had a pain in her heart,” and that it was rather “an attack of anguish or panic.”

“They did two tests on him with two different devices… Both were good (…) he was kept under observation all afternoon to rule it out and let the doctor stay calm,” said Latorre, who hinted that the condition of the journalist could be due to the separation from her radio partner and colleague Rolando Barbano.

The separation of Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano

Calabró told “Lanata Sin Filtro” that his relationship with Barbano, who also works as a panelist on the radio program, “was no longer going.”

The journalist decided not to give more details, but confessed to being “very sad.”

When the news was heard, Marina appeared very distressed on her radio program #Calachó1079, where she once again clarified that she does not like to talk about that topic: “You have the right to have a moment where you don’t want to talk”.

This Monday, Calabró decided not to go to Radio Miter, but to leave from the studio that Lanata has in his apartment by decision of the journalist’s wife, Elba Marcovecchio. He was also absent from his radio cycle on El Observador 107.9.

On the other hand, Barbano gave a note on the América channel and only commented that “It is not a nice moment” neither for him nor for Marina. and he stressed that, like his ex-partner, he does not want to talk about the issue because “it hurts him a lot.”

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