Chris Hemsworth analyzed the failure of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Chris Hemsworth analyzed the failure of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Chris Hemsworth is the cover figure of the May 2024 issue of Vanity Fair, there he revealed that he feels that fans of Marvel They deserve another “Thor” movie after what was “Thor: Love and Thunder” in 2022. The actor already admitted to GQ last year that his fourth standalone “Thor” movie was “too silly” for its own good, but the misstep appears to continue to haunt him.

“I got caught up in improvisation and madness, and became a parody of myself”Hemsworth told Vanity Fair.

While Hemsworth has always been grateful for his career-defining role as Thor, he admitted to the publication that he became frustrated with the character while playing him in four standalone Marvel films and additional “Avengers” films.

“Sometimes I felt like a team security guard,” Hemsworth said. “He would read everyone else’s lines and say, ‘Oh, they have much more interesting stuff.’ They are having more fun. What is my character doing? It was always about, ‘You’ve got the wig on.’ You have the muscles. You have the costume. Where is the lighting? Yes, I’m part of this big thing, but I’m probably pretty replaceable.”

Chris Hemsworth outside of Marvel

Thor turned Hemsworth into a big, muscular Hollywood action star, a path he has continued to master with films like “Extraction” from Netflix. But the actor yearns for more and he told Vanity Fair that he wants to work outside the action movie genre and collaborate with dramatic filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Kathryn Bigelow, Greta Gerwig, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. He revealed that Darren Aronofsky, who produces his adventure documentary series “Limitless,” is developing two potential projects with him in mind to star in. One is a black comedy and the other is a science fiction project.

The next step for Hemsworth is to play the villain in the prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road” of George Miller, “Furious”which the actor says is his favorite role since he headlined the car racing film Ron Howard of 2013, “Rush”.

“Ron took me out of that typecast space of the muscular action guy and let me play a character with complications and darkness,” Hemsworth said. “I remember at that moment thinking, ‘Oh, this is going to change everything.’”

Hemsworth added that “it’s been a long wait” to get another chance to show off more than just his “muscle action guy” chops, but that’s what “Furiosa” is in his eyes. The film was shot during something of an existential crisis for Hemsworth, as the relentless flow of his career was taking its toll.

“I had been trying to forge and beat things for so long, out of obsession and desperation to build this career, and I was just exhausted,” Hemsworth said of needing a break. “I was worried about everything. Nothing was as fun as before or as he had imagined.. I was doing back-to-back movies and doing press tours, I was married with three young kids, and it was all happening at the same time in a very short period of time… You’re like you’re fuming, and then you show up to something with little left in the tank. and you start to separate things: Why am I making this movie? Why isn’t this script better? Why didn’t that director call me for that or why didn’t they consider me for this role? Why am I not getting a call from Scorsese or Tarantino? He had started taking everything too seriously and too personal.”

Will there be another Thor movie?

With “Furiosa,” Hemsworth’s interest in acting was reignited. It’s unclear when the actor might return as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He clearly wants to give fans the “Thor” movie they deserve, but last year he also told Entertainment Weekly that he wasn’t sure how long he could continue playing the same role. He said then that a potential “Thor 5” would have to be “unpredictable.”

“I don’t want to keep doing it until people are so exhausted that they roll their eyes when they see me appear on screen as that character.”Hemsworth added. “If the audience wants to see it and there’s something we think is exciting and fun, then great. I loved being able to reinvent that character a few times. I don’t have the answer yet, but I’d love to try. [descubrir] “How can we do it again and keep it a little unpredictable.”

“Furious” will have its world premiere in Cannes Film Festival before its release in theaters nationwide on May 24 from Warner Bros.

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