Getaway: the centenary town of Santa Cruz that impresses with its natural beauty

Getaway: the centenary town of Santa Cruz that impresses with its natural beauty

Los Antiguos offers tourism that mixes nature, outdoor activities, historical and cultural tours, with local tastings.

The Ancients It is a town located northwest of the province of Santa Cruz and to the shores of Lake Buenos Aires. This body of water is one of the main attractions of its tourism because it captivates the eyes of all its visitors, after blending into the horizon along with the glaciers from millions of years ago.

The proposal of Los Antiguos is a great option for all those who want to disconnect from the big cities to renew your energies in a natural environment, without too much noise and with many natural landscapes. Its lake is one of the largest in South America, with a surface area of ​​2,240 kilometers, where its waters will mix with the intense sky to form endless shades of blue.

What Los Antiguos, town of Santa Cruz, is all about

This town has its origins between a mix of identity, native peoples, the productive sector and the cherry. The Ancients resurfaced from the 1991 Hudson Volcano eruptionsince when the roots of the town turned to nature, from its tourism to its way of living and entrepreneurship.

The explosion of the volcano, which is 100 kilometers away in a straight line, caused its ashes to fall on the town. This caused the breakdown of livestock activity but the nutrients from the ashes were used by the plants to grow larger. Economic activity moved to cherry production. These are exported to Spain, England, China and even Dubai

Another feature historical-cultural of the Ancients is that this region was used by the tehuelches to spend its last days, due to its great climate. In this town you can see the chenques, these are the tombs that the natives used to honor the deaths of their loved ones. They are characterized by demarcating with stones the surface of the land where the person rests.

Los Antiguos not only attracts for its views, but also captivates every sense of tourists for its proposals of flavors, aromas and sensations. In addition to tasting dishes, cherries and localyou can also do activities on the lake such as windsurfing, kayaking, boating and renting fishing equipment, with fly and spinning modalities.

How to get to Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz

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The guides offer a starting point from the city of Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz, so that the tourist can locate himself on the map. From this destination, you must take the Provincial Route Number 12 until it joins with the Provincial Route Number 43 in the city of Pico Truncado. From there you will continue straight and cross the city of Las Heras and Perito Moreno, which is the closest town to Los Antiguos.

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