Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.: Jeremy Renner’s recovery was “incredible”

Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr.: Jeremy Renner’s recovery was “incredible”

Despite his serious accident, Jeremy Renner celebrated at a wedding last September. That impressed his “Avengers” colleagues.

Chris Hemsworth (40) and Robert Downey Jr. (59) are enthusiastic about Jeremy Renner’s (53) healing process. They praised the strength of their “Avengers” colleague to attend Chris Evans’ (42) wedding again just nine months after his serious snowplow accident at the beginning of last year. “If there’s one quality we can all agree on, it’s resilience. Seeing Renner embody that literally and in the context of a Portuguese-American wedding was overwhelming,” explained Downey Jr. “Completely recovered and ready to celebrate. So, yes – miracles happen,” he continued. Hemsworth was also enthusiastic about Renner’s fighting spirit and joy of life at the wedding reception. “It was an amazing feeling of gratitude from him just to be alive,” he recalled.

Informed of the accident via photo

In the interview, Hemsworth and Downey also revealed that they found out about Renner’s accident in a group chat. “He sent us all a battered, doped-up picture from the hospital and said, ‘It’s all good, guys.’ And then I didn’t hear from him for a while because he was in the middle of healing,” Hemsworth explained.

Jeremy Renner came under his snow plow on New Year’s Day 2023 and was rolled over by the device, which weighed almost 6,500 kilograms. He broke over 30 bones and barely survived the accident. Several months of intensive rehabilitation followed, during which Renner, among other things, had to relearn how to walk. In April 2023 he appeared on the red carpet again for the first time with a walking stick. He finally appeared in front of the camera again last February for a commercial.

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