Zendaya: Her Met Gala dress isn’t available yet

Zendaya: Her Met Gala dress isn’t available yet

In just a few days, the Met Gala will be one of the most important fashion events: Will Zendaya’s dress be ready for the big day?

With the annual Met Gala, one of the most important fashion events of the year is coming up on May 6th. Countless stars will once again be on the red carpet and presenting unusual creations from the biggest designers. This year, Zendaya (27), who recently impressed with her premiere looks for “Dune 2” and “Challengers”, will finally be present again. In addition to “Vogue” editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (74), she is co-chair of the gala along with Bad Bunny (30), Chris Hemsworth (40) and Jennifer Lopez (54).

Despite this important task, she and her stylist are apparently approaching the eagerly awaited mega event quite calmly. Zendaya’s dress wasn’t even finished a few days before the event, as Law Roach (45) has now revealed.

Zendaya’s stylist hasn’t seen the dress yet

“I haven’t seen Zendaya’s dress yet,” says Roach. “We’ve been on two press tours – ‘Dune 2’ and ‘Challengers’ – and done two ‘Vogue’ covers. The dress isn’t even finished yet.” According to the stylist, Zendaya won’t try on her dress until next Saturday, less than 48 hours before the Met Gala. However, the two are a well-rehearsed team. She’s been working with Law Roach since she was about 14, Zendaya recently recalled in .

An intimidating return for Zendaya?

She attended the Met Gala for the first time at the age of 18 and the experience was exciting and new, but also frightening. Climbing the famous red carpet steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art was “very intimidating and I haven’t been there in four or five years,” she said. In fact, Zendaya made her last Met Gala appearance in 2019, when she wore a fairytale Tommy Hilfiger ballgown inspired by Cinderella.

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