Confirmed date for the trial against L-Gante: when will it be and what is he accused of?

Confirmed date for the trial against L-Gante: when will it be and what is he accused of?

The singer will have to face an oral trial for the incident that occurred in May 2023 outside a bowling alley in General Rodríguez.

After almost a year of being arrested, there is already a confirmed date for the trial against the cumbia 420 singer Elián Ángel Valenzuelabetter known as L-Ghent. The process will begin on October 8 for the incident that occurred on May 29, when he allegedly threatened two neighbors of General Rodríguez and detained them in his car after they had an encounter with friends of the artist.

According to judicial sources told NA, the oral trial will take place on October 8, 9, 10 and 1. Because of this, L-Gante was imprisoned for almost three months and was released in Septemberawaiting the decision of court number three of Mercedes.

The singer is accused of the crimes of “threats, illegal deprivation of liberty, qualified threats, simple possession of narcotics and aggravated concealment“, which contemplate expected penalties higher than those ten years in prison.

The court has already asked all parties to the trial “to carry out the corresponding discrimination to bring to trial only the witnesses they deem relevant to settle the case“.

Trial of L-Ghent: what were the facts

L-Gante was denounced by Darío Gastón Torres and Rosa Catalina Passi, who accused him of intimidate them at gunpoint after several of the members of his group of self-proclaimed friends “The Mafia” They were detained during an operation outside a bowling alley.

Days ago, the judge of Guarantees of Moreno-General Rodríguez Gabriel Castro determined the exemption from prison for Valenzuelawithin the framework of a new complaint for injuries and reduction to servitude of a collaborator.

The decision was adopted within the framework of the complaint of Daniel Martin Verawho maintained that he was the victim of a beating by L-Gante and other collaborators.

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