Boris Johnson turned away at polling station because of lack of ID

Boris Johnson turned away at polling station because of lack of ID

Even Boris Johnson is not above the law: only those who provide proper identification are allowed to vote in Great Britain. A rule that arose during his own reign, but which he himself now apparently disregarded.

As British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson introduced the rule that people had to identify themselves with an ID card when voting. But now the conservative politician has apparently forgotten his own law. Johnson showed up at the polling station in the local elections on Thursday without an identification document, the station reported on Thursday. “Polling station staff were forced to turn away the former prime minister after he initially failed to comply with legislation he introduced during his time in Downing Street,” it said.

No denial from Boris Johnson

Johnson wanted to cast his vote in South Oxfordshire, where he lives with his family in a listed property. There was a vote on the position of Police and Crime Commissioner, a political position responsible for overseeing the local police department.

Johnson’s spokesman did not deny the report but said the former prime minister had cast his vote. In the morning, the 59-year-old called on X (formerly Twitter) to vote for the Conservative Party of his successor Rishi Sunak.

Under Johnson, the Elections Act was introduced in 2022 despite strong criticism. The law requires you to identify yourself with an official photo document such as a passport or driver’s license. Opponents say the rule discriminates against poorer and older people, as well as members of minorities who are less likely to have ID.

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