Pop star: argument in the hotel? Britney Spears denies reports

Pop star: argument in the hotel?  Britney Spears denies reports

Britney Spears always finds herself in the headlines – and usually they aren’t good ones. Now US media are reporting on an alleged argument in a hotel. The singer speaks of “fake news”.

Pop singer Britney Spears (42) has described reports from various US media about an alleged altercation with an acquaintance in a hotel in Los Angeles as false. She posted a lengthy entry on Instagram on Thursday (local time) in which she stated that the alleged incident from the previous evening happened completely differently than what was claimed in “fake” news. After she sprained her ankle, paramedics “illegally” showed up at the door, which she felt was harassment.

CNN, citing sources close to the singer, reported that paramedics were called to the hotel, but Spears did not leave the building in the ambulance, but with her security team. According to the New York Post, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that an ambulance was dispatched to the hotel overnight after receiving a 911 call that an adult woman had been injured. Spears was not named.

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