Chaos night in the luxury hotel: Britney Spears rejects reports

Chaos night in the luxury hotel: Britney Spears rejects reports

Britney Spears was brought out of a luxury LA hotel scantily clad. The pictures are reminiscent of her collapse a few years ago.

Confusion surrounding singer Britney Spears (42): A few hours after her divorce from Sam Asghari (30) became final, chaotic scenes are said to have taken place in a luxury hotel in Los Angeles, California.

As “CNN” reports, citing an anonymous source, there is said to have been a “big argument” between the 42-year-old and her current boyfriend at Chateau Marmont on Thursday night. As a result, paramedics were called. Spears then left the hotel with her security team. Paparazzi photos show the US singer barefoot, only in her underwear, covered with a pillow and blanket as she leaves her accommodation. She was now “at home and safe,” it said.

The new photos are reminiscent of the dramatic images in 2007, when she shaved her head bald after the collapse of her marriage to dancer Kevin Federline (46). A few months later she was officially incapacitated.

Britney Spears speaks out

Immediately after the reports of the latest incident last night, Spears spoke out on social media with sometimes confusing statements. “Just to let people know, the news is fake!!!,” the singer wrote on her official Instagram account. She did not address which aspects were wrong.

Instead, this post talks about a foot injury. She sprained her ankle the previous night and paramedics showed up at her door illegally. The paramedics did not enter her hotel room, but she felt harassed. She concluded this post with the words: “I’m moving to Boston!!! Peace”.

Britney Spears thanks her lawyer

A little later, Spears published two new Instagram posts from her living room. she thanks her lawyer Mathew Rosengart. “This man is wonderful!!! He is like a father to me and he got me through last night!!! I adore you and admire you Mister Mathew!!!,” the 42-year-old Grammy winner wrote .

In the post, she also showed a snapshot of the former federal prosecutor who helped release Britney Spears from her 13-year conservatorship in 2022.

In addition, in the message she also took shots at her mother, who she apparently believes was “involved” in the night’s incident. “I know my mom was involved!!! I haven’t spoken to her in six months and she called me right after the incident before the news came out!!!,” the singer wrote.

The post also shows two video clips of the injury to her foot that she is said to have sustained during the night.

Spears released a video showing her dancing in a glittery bodysuit in her living room. “Ok, I was fooling around a bit and thought the costume was beautiful!!!” she commented on the video. “It felt kind of weird and idiotic having a costume in my living room!!!,” she added, among other things.

Source: Stern

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