New Robin Hood: Hugh Jackman becomes a troubled loner in the film

New Robin Hood: Hugh Jackman becomes a troubled loner in the film

The story of Robin Hood has already been filmed countless times – now Hollywood is planning another version – with Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer in the leading roles.

The legend of the English hero Robin Hood, who stole from the rich to help the poor, has been repeated many times in Hollywood. After screen adventures with Errol Flynn (1938), Kevin Costner (1991) and Russell Crowe (2010), “Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman (55) is now set to play the male lead in “The Death of Robin Hood”. At his side, British actress Jodie Comer (31, “The Last Duel”) will take on the role of his lover Marian, as US trade papers reported on Friday (local time). Michael Sarnoski (“Pig”, “A Quiet Place: Day One”) is on board as director.

Robin Hood is now to be portrayed not as a noble, cheerful archer, but as a battered loner who looks back on his life as a criminal. A mysterious woman is supposed to save the injured fighter, as the description says. Filming is scheduled to begin in February 2025. Sarnoski wrote in a statement that he had full confidence in Jackman and Comer to implement this new interpretation in a “powerful and meaningful” way.

Jackman returns to the big screen alongside Ryan Reynolds in the Marvel film “Deadpool & Wolverine” in July. Comer, who made the knight film “The Last Duel” with Matt Damon and Adam Driver, is also known for her role as an assassin in the thriller series “Killing Eve.”

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