The hidden village of Catamarca to learn about the ancestral pre-Columbian culture

The hidden village of Catamarca to learn about the ancestral pre-Columbian culture

Many original towns They continue to leave their mark in different parts of the country, with several of the archaeological ruins that are still intact and protected so that they continue in that state.

For lovers of history and culture, find places that have pre-Columbian remains It is usually essential when planning a trip or vacation. The ruins are almost always in more remote places, between mountains or difficult to access.

However, a few kilometers from the capital of Catamarca is the Lost Town of the Quebrada. It is a place frozen in time and a clear testimony of the ancient civilizations that lived there centuries ago.

What to do in Pueblo Perdido de La Quebrada, Catamarca

The archaeological remains link with the civilizations that occupied the region during the pre-Columbian erahighlighting the culture of La Aguada, whose peak was between the 4th and 5th centuries AD Located at the confluence of the provinces of La Rioja and Catamarca, this culture stood out for its llama breeding and prosperous agriculture based on the management of water resources. Its agricultural economy was supported by farming terraces along the local hills, while its iconic pottery reflected its rich artistic tradition. The social organization was based on independent lordships.

The archaeological remains were discovered by teachers and researchers from the National University of Catamarca, who began a project to preserve the findings. In 2009, an Interpretation Center was inaugurated at the foot of the ravine, built with traditional techniques and modern materials, which serves as a starting point to explore the site. The complex has specialized staff who offer guided tours and explain the worldview of the original culture, as well as a small museum with objects found in the ruins.


THE Interpretation Center at the foot of the ravine was in charge of investigating the remains found in the Town

Municipality of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca

A 200 meter staircase leads to the remains of the settlement, surrounded by cactus vegetation. You can see around 40 stone and mud enclosures that formerly constituted the homes, corrals and patios of the inhabitants, now emerging from the dense vegetation.

This project reflects the commitment of the people of Catamarca to preserve their ancestral heritage and transmit it to future generations, promoting cultural tourism that harmonizes with ecology and care for the environment. He Lost Town of the Quebrada represents another treasure recovered in the province of Catamarcatestimony of an ancient community guardians of the ravine.

How to get to Pueblo Perdido de la Quebrada, Catamarca

This archaeological site is located in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarcajust 5 km from the city center, located on the provincial route 4. The ruins and discovered objects offer a fascinating experience for visitors.



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