Astrotourism in Córdoba, the new tourist proposal that is causing a sensation

Astrotourism in Córdoba, the new tourist proposal that is causing a sensation

After a successful summer season, Córdoba launches a new proposal to promote tourism in the province.

The many charms of Cordova They are usually known: landscapes, gastronomy, rivers, climate and festive atmosphere are faithful reflections of that province. In addition to hiking, cycling, climbing, rappelling, bird watching, paragliding, skydiving, diving and horseback riding, there is another option, increasingly popular in the heart of the country: astrotourism.


Cba Press – Government of Córdoba

The success of the province’s tourism proposals is reflected in its occupancy numbers throughout the 2024 summer season and the Easter long weekend. The president of the Córdoba Tourism Agency, Dario Capitaniannounced “absolute occupation of the Cordoba hotel industry” and also commented that “Carlos Paz records an excellent movement that is almost unusual for this time.”

To continue promoting tourism and maintaining employment, Cordova renewed the month of astrotourism, in which dozens of activities were carried out in more than 20 locations in the province throughout April. Hiking, cycle tourism, climbing, rappelling, bird watching, paragliding, skydiving, diving and horseback riding are part of the variety of experiences that the province offered.

“The key is the governor’s vision and firm decision.” Martin Llaryora to put Cordova as the main attraction square in the interior of the country. Supporting, accompanying and working jointly with the private sector allows us to generate a more than positive economic impact in all areas that benefit from visitors,” stated Capitani.

It is through this vision that tourism is presented as a productive axis for creating and sustaining employment, productivity, roots and key growth for the productive matrix of the province.

Astrotourism in Córdoba

The clean skies clear of urban pollution highlight the light of the stars. Once far from the big cities, on a clear night, the tourist providers authorized by the Córdoba Tourism Agency They developed different types of activities to interact with the night sky through talks, observation, and photographs that provide the opportunity for those who experience the experience to contextualize themselves in the midst of the immensity under a star show.


The P shelteruesto Pavónfrom the city of Mount Chapel, is the first accommodation in Argentina with a sky certified for astrotourism by the International Starlight Foundation dependent on the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands. According to this pioneering entity, the certification “accredits those spaces that have excellent sky quality and that represent an example of conservation. They are scenarios that incorporate the observation of the sky as part of their natural, cultural or scientific heritage and in turn promote star tourism.”

Thus, Córdoba was at the forefront of international trends, since astronomical tourism is one of the booming products most in demand by travelers from all over the world.

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