Heinz Hoenig: German celebrities collect money for heart surgery

Heinz Hoenig: German celebrities collect money for heart surgery

Heinz Hoenig is in a coma and urgently needs a second heart operation. Because the actor does not have health insurance, family and prominent friends are now collecting donations, including Til Schweiger.

Heinz Hoenig’s condition is still critical: after a heart operation, the 72-year-old is in a coma and urgently needs a second one. This has now been postponed because the actor is currently too weak for it. RTL learned this from the family’s environment.

His wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig told the broadcaster: “I have never been as scared in my life as I am now. I just know that I don’t want to lose my husband. My husband is fighting to survive. I can only hope and pray that “We can win this fight together.” She and the actor have two small children who were born in 2020 and 2022.

In addition, Hoenig no longer has health insurance after personal bankruptcy. Annika Kärsten-Hoenig told RTL that she often tried to get her husband back on the insurance. “I really tried everything.”

Heinz Hoenig: The cost of the heart operation should be 90,000 euros

The costs for the second procedure should be around 90,000 euros. That’s why the actor’s family is now publicly asking for help. A campaign was started on the donation platform “” with the aim of raising 75,000 euros. The organizer is Siegelring GbR, a Munich artist agency run by composer Ralph Siegel and his wife Laura. Siegel had hired Hoenig as the lead actor in the musical “A Little Peace,” which is scheduled to premiere on May 8th in Munich.

“I obviously support this campaign for our friend Heinz and have already donated a large amount myself. We hope that other people will join us,” Siegel told the “Bild” newspaper.

Almost 38,000 euros in donations have already been collected (as of Sunday, May 5th, 12 p.m.). Jan Hofer is also among the donors. The former “Tagesschau” spokesman transferred 200 euros for Heinz Hoenig. The same buzzer also came from actress Katy Karrenbauer. Britt Jolig, wife of former “Big Brother” candidate Alex Jolig, gave 1,000 euros, according to the donation page. The 57-year-old wrote on her Instagram page: “Heart surgery saved my life. Alex and I support Heinz and his family. Please help! It can happen to anyone.”

Til Schweiger wants to support Heinz Hoenig financially

Fellow actor Til Schweiger also wants to give Hoenig a hand. As “Bild” reports, Schweiger is planning a donation of 20,000 euros for his companion. “Yes, that’s true. I only heard on Saturday night at a birthday party that he was so sick,” he confirmed to the paper.

Heinz Hoenig celebrated his breakthrough in 1981 in “Das Boot” and appeared in over 140 TV and film productions. In January, Hoenig was a candidate for the “jungle camp,” but was taken out of the Australian bush after twelve days for medical reasons.

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