Madonna dazzled in Rio de Janeiro and left her mark in a historic concert

Madonna dazzled in Rio de Janeiro and left her mark in a historic concert

Madonna gave everything in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, when reviewing his four-decade career in a historic show that made the mythical world vibrate Copacabana beach full of people.

The 65-year-old American artist closed The Celebration Tour on a hot night, in which he wasted energy and mixed music with performance, cabaret and dance.

After 10:30 p.m. locals arrived at the 800 m2 stage along a long elevated walkway from the emblematic hotel. Copacabana Palacewhere he has been staying since he arrived in the city on Monday.

His interpretation of “Nothing Really Matters”a hymn to resilience, was the beginning of a brutal waste of energy.

Madonna thrilled everyone present at the impressive recital she gave in Rio de Janeiro

“Here we are, Rio, the most beautiful place in the world!” greeted the diva, who brought tears of emotion to the audience, which was expected to reach 1.5 million.

“Holiday” It helped him remember his beginnings, when he arrived with 35 dollars in his pocket to NY, but “with a dream.”

With dozens of set and costume changes, spectacular lights and many giant screens along the beach, Madonna He left evidence of his infinite capacity to innovate.

She went from a schoolgirl in a miniskirt to an irreverent Catholic in her black cape while luminous crosses circled around her, in “Like a Prayer”a topic that cost him excommunication from the Catholic Church.

In “Live To Tell” paid tribute to AIDS victims, including Freddie Mercury and the legendary Brazilian musician Cazuza.

Masturbation simulations and human mandalas of dancers emitting sensual moans over electronic music followed…

Because the Madonna erotica had a predominant role until when he thanked Rio, “who loves even my ‘pussy’.”

Madonna introduced her daughter Mercy during the recital

And he was followed by Madonna mother, who proudly presented her daughter Mercy James while playing the piano.

The love of the queen of pop for Brazil had its moment, first with Anittathe queen of funk, the genre from the favelas of Rio.

Both shared a number as judges of a parade of dancers in “Vogue”, among them Estere, another of Madonna. Nevertheless, Anitta I do not sing.


Madonna dazzled all of Rio de Janeiro (AFP)

Yes, the other local guest did, the drag singer Pabllo Vittarwho took the stage with a group of boys playing drums.

It was the turn of “Music”, which Madonna he sang while shaking the ‘verdeamarela’ flag. An epic ending, with a mix of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Like a Virgin” They put the icing on the cake, which Madonna placed exultantly, and sweaty, almost two and a half hours after the start.

Police helicopters, drones and even a zeppelin cruised through the sky, while dozens of yachts and other vessels enjoyed themselves in the front row from the sea.

Madonna closed an intense tour with her recital in Rio de Janeiro

After 80 performances in 15 countries in Europe and North America, the concert in Rio closed The Celebration with a flourish of a tour that became especially significant, after a serious bacterial infection in June raised fears for the singer’s life.

Since 1984 the success “Like a Virgin” catapulted her to the international scene, Madonna She released an album every two or three years and today is considered one of the greatest pop artists of all time.

The megaconcert, whose production involved thousands of people, cost 60 million dollars17 of them from the artist’s cache, according to local media.

It is an economic bet of Rio de Janeiro, which injected 4 million dollars of the 12 million dollars that production costs.

The authorities estimate that the show will contribute $60 million to the local economy, with hotel occupancy unusual for the time and hundreds of restaurants and merchants doing their extra season.

But above all, they know that hosting the biggest concert in Madonna is going down in history. And that is priceless.

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